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Bing Partners With Klout, Marrying Search and Influence

Bing Partners With Klout, Marrying Search and Influence.

bing-kloutMicrosoft and Klout have announced a new partnership between the two companies, which will see Klout’s data get incorporated into the Bing search engine. At the same time, Klout scores will begin to take into account Bing search results and queries.

The exchange of data is part of a long-term “strategic investment” that Microsoft is investing in Klout. In a Bing blog post, Microsoft says the sharing of data between the two companies is just the beginning of the relationship. The exact terms of the deal were not disclosed.

SEE ALSO: Your Klout Score Just Changed. Here’s WhyBing already incorporates social results into its search — mainly data from Facebook, Quora, Foursquare and others. Now when you search for someone on Bing (and you have social search turned on), you’ll also see that person’s Klout score. On the Klout side, scores will take into account how often people search for that name and presumably which links are clicked on (in the case of people with the same name).

Also, experts who appear in Bing’s “People Who Know” section of the sidebar will be recognized on Klout. The changes to Klout will come in the next few months, while Klout’s data will begin appearing in Bing immediately, Microsoft says.

How do you like that Klout will be incorporating Bing’s data, and vice versa? Share your impressions in the comments.

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Bing on the way to get profiltable

Is Pinterest the next Napster? – My take on Information, Internet, Pinterest…

Pinterest has caused a lot of talk and discussion between lawyers, Internet users and owners of content such as photographers and others. The popularity of the site and what one can do with it is catching the law on the wrong foot. Click the link to a report about the subject found on Marketwatch at the bottom of this article.

It is obviously right that the law regarding copyright is limping and pretty much was overrun by the Internet and the new sites that pop up on a regular basis. It is also true that the Internet and its sites do nothing else other than sharing information. Here is the thing with information, “information wants to be free”. Continue reading