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Blogging Tips: How To Promote Your Blog Post – Infographic


Have you ever been frustrated after writing a blog post because it didn’t get any traffic? This infographic is full of tips to help you prevent that from happening again. Source: Lezal Marketing

120 (!!! WOW) Marketing Tactics For New Blogs – Infographic

If you are planning on a new blog (or have an existing one) this is a pretty cool infographic on how to market your blog. 120 tips is a lot, but if you really care, the details are important. Blogging is work and marketing is important.

Content marketing consists of producing and publishing information that builds trust and authority among your ideal customers. Continue reading

Blogging: How To Monetize On Your Blog – Infographic

Infographic 8 ways to make money from your blog



We’ve selected the eight most common blog monetization techniques (including one of our products of course!) and evaluated them on the five categories our research has shown matter most to bloggers.

Source: Coull

The Global Blogging Community: The Who And How – Infographic


Introducing the seven stars of the blogosphere! Who are they, what motivates them and what role do they play in the vibrant world of blogging?

Source: Coull

Blogging: The Profile Of A Travel Blogger – Infographic



Sandymount Hotel presents an infographic look at the modern travel blogger. Looking at their average age, most popular destinations, technology, income, use of online platforms and of course, their blogging.

Source: SandyMountHotel

Blogging And YouTube Force A Revolution In The Beauty Industry – Infographic

beauty--the-web-how-the-world-became-a-beauty-expert_524595f75242aBlogging has meant women have been able to get into an industry that has been notoriously quite difficult to enter, and all from their own homes. It has been a real career changer for some and we have seen some formidable business women emerge from the blogging world, such as Michelle Phan who has now gone onto produce her own line of cosmetics. During production we discovered that 6 of the most popular beauty bloggers YouTube videos have been watched a total of 1.5 Billion times!

Source: FeelUnique

Why Guest Blogging And Blogging In General Is Good For You – Infographic



Guest Blogging boosts visibility, increases your subscriber base, build backlinks, make blogging connections, increases the authority of your Google author rank, increase your traffic, boosts sales and does many more good things for you.

Source: GuestCrew

Blogging: Stuff To Do After Writing A New Blog Post – Infographic



Writing a new blog post is fun and can be very satisfying. But how to get that thing in front of people?

This infographic gives a few tips and steps to take after the post is written. Have a look

Source: Inboudvisibility

Blogging: 4 Quickies To Remember – Infographic


Over the past years blogging became one of the more important activities in marketing departments. Creating good content for your blog is one thing, but make your readers come back is another.

In order to create a reader base that keeps coming back to your blog, requires a few easy steps.

Have a look at some other mandatory things that will support your blog and the number of returning readers.

Source: eMerge

Blogging: Create Brand Awareness And A Wider Audience – Inofgraphic

blogging-an-option-to-reach-a-wider-audience-and-create-brand-awareness_51e7d26aa51b7This is an infographic about blogging and what it can do to reach more customers and increase your brand’s awareness.

A blog is an in demand and easy to use platform for sharing information with your target customers.

Have a look at the infographic and see what your business can gain from having a blog.

Source: Blog Your World

Marketing: More Facts Why You Need To Blog – Infographic



Blogging is a must!

If it needs more reasons why you or your company should have a blog, here are some interesting facts about why everyone individual, business, and organization should have a blog and be actively using it!

Source: BWHGeek

Blogging (Blocking?): How To Overcome Writer’s Block – Infographic

Ever hit a wall when it came to writing? Found yourself stuck and low on inspiration? Learn tips and exercises on how to overcome writer´s block! Continue reading

WordPress Becomes 10: Facts And Stats – Infographic

What began 10 years ago as a fork of the blogging software b2 grew within a decade up to the biggest and most important Content Management System (CMS) and blogging tool in the world. WordPress is a grown-up, but still growing. We celebrate this event with an infographic. Have a look: Continue reading

For New Bloggers: Most Asked Questions – Infographic

Blogger Money Talk answers the questions that bloggers have about making money from blogging. We cover everything from Affiliate Marketing to Brand Sponsorship. No hype. Just straight talk. Follow along as we share what is making money for bloggers now. Continue reading

All About Blogging: Stats, Facts, Demographics, More – Infographic

A visualization of ‘The Rise of Blogging’, detailing momentous advancements and prominent figures in the Blogosphere. Continue reading