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Bundesliga, Freiburg 1- 4 Dortmund, Lewandowski nets brace in win

Bundesliga, Freiburg 1- 4 Dortmund, Lewandowski nets brace in win – Bundesliga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

English Football should rule the World – Nick Webster, what are you smoking?

This article about the poor performance of British teams in the Champions League lays out the major problem with British soccer: Hopeless overestimation. We should be making a few things clear before talking about the weaknesses of British, or better, English soccer.

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Borussia Dortmund on top …

Revierderby in Germany – Dortmund vs. Schalke

Mario Goetze not going anywhere? – Wait…


Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund 0-1

Mario Goetze is Dortmunds winner against Bayern Munich

Mario Goetze scored the golden goal as Dortmund takes the points from Bayern Munich. Goetze scored in the 65th minutes when the Bayern defense was searching for the ball and Goetze reacted quickly enough to hit Manuel Neuer on the wrong foot.

Dortmunds win is keeping the Bundesliga exciting. With the win today, Dortmund reduced the Bayern advantage to 2 points.

In a fast game the Dortmund talent wasn’t as effective as usual, but his presence at the right time should give the Arsenal spies a good idea what of Goetze is able to do. Both teams let the ball do the work and forced the tempo of the game. With both defenses very well adjusted, the attempts from both sides were stopped on the top of the box. Both goalies only had to step up once and both did their thing in a convincing way.

Dortmund can now meet Arsenal on a high in next weeks Champions League match. For Dortmund this is another must win game in order to advance into the second round.

Bundesliga – Bayern vs Dortmund. Sweet talking, for now…

Bundesliga – official website.

Munich – Cast your mind back to February 2011. Bayern Munich faced Borussia Dortmund in what many defined as the decider in the 2010/11 title race. As ever, there was little chance Uli Hoeneß was going to miss the chance to get his two cents in ahead of of the big game. “We’re the better team,” claimed the FCB president, “man for man, Dortmund have no chance.”
Quite where Hoeneß got all his confidence from may forever remain a mystery. Beforehand, Bayern were a hefty 13 points behind Borussia. Afterwards – that being be after Dortmund’s 3-1 victory in Munich – the deficit was 16 points. Needless to say, it was a humiliating few days for Hoeneß…Read more 

Happenings around the European Leagues – Ashley Cole off the hook, Fabregas not a happy camper, Bayern and Schalke firing coaches.

Cole off the hook

Ashley Cole just got a break from some of his headaches. After shooting a student on Chelsea’s training ground with an air gun, investigations were stopped. Charges were never pressed. Cole brought an air gun to the training ground and accidentally shot a student. He claimed he didn’t know the gun was loaded. The question is, why did he bring an air gun to practice? Some people!

Fabregas facing not so happy times

Ces Fabregas saw better times. Injury and missing the Carling Cup final, not being fit and playing his “love” Barca, helping Barca to a goal and now missing the FA Cup clash against Manchester United. According to Wenger, Fabregas is very disappointed. Dear Ces, don’t be disappointed, there is worse in life. You will one day lift a trophy as an Arsenal captain and possibly have another chance to play Barca, unless he is leaving in the summer. Is he?

Bayern and Schalke firing their coaches

Bayern Munich has fired coach van Gaal, not immediately, but to the end of the season. Probably because no one else was available. One is surprised van Gaal is playing this game. The Dutch coach has contract until the end of season 2012, but faced headwinds due to a few losses after their last Champions League win against Inter. After the Inter game Bayern lost against the future German Champ Dortmund and the Cup semi final against Schalke 04, both at home. They also lost the important game against Hanover in their efforts to secure second or third in the Bundesliga. Champions League participation for the next season is in jeopardy, which equals an earthquake in Munich.

Schalke is desperately trying to get rid of Felix Magath. The coach/manager has too much power, according to some board members and members of the club. While the club has no chance for glory in the Bundesliga, Schalke is in the German cup final and just advanced to the quarterfinal in the Champions League. Magath has spent Millions on creating a competitive squad and many board and club members don’t like the debt that was created. Debt combined with lack of success in the Bundesliga, Magath’s power in the club and the incredible success of Schalke’s biggest rival a few miles down the road, Borussia Dortmund, has triggered an incredible campaign against Magath. Schalke is known in Germany for their escapades in management and trouble is always luring around the corner. Success or not is not the issue with the club.

Bundesliga: Dortmund secured championship, 17 others fighting for positions.

The past weekend clarified the question who is going to win the championship in the German Bundesliga. With Dortmund winning in Leverkusen, one of the main rivals in the race, the cake is considered eaten. Especially since Bayern Munich couldn’t win their game in Wolfsburg. With the major question answered, the 17 others are now playing for position.

There are two spots for the champions league (one of them for the qualifier) and two spots for the Europe league . Not to forget, relegation is a headache for quite a number of clubs. While predictions are difficult to make (see my blog from 01/14/2011, “Bundesliga is back”), I am going to try this again and claim that Bayern Munich is taking 2nd place. They are, despite all the troubles, stronger than the rest and in the long run will distance themselves from the others. I do not believe that Hannover and Mainz will be able to stay in the top three. They will fight and will give Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen a run for the money, however, I just don’t see them hanging in there on 2nd and 3rd place. If you want to hear why, I think experience, or lack thereof, will be the reason. So, Bayern second and Leverkusen 3rd is my opinion. Even I won’t make a prediction for 4th and 5th place. That one is too open. There are some teams luring in midfield and deep midfield, they will have a say as well.
Beside of playing for position, Bayern Munich is busy to work on the roster for the future. In Wolfsburg they played with Kraft in goal and I am sure there will be some other change for the rest of the season. One of the “pending players” is van Bommel. While he recently was in talk with Wolfsburg, it now seems that Liverpool has an interest in the Dutch international. It is no secret that van Bommel is not on the list for the future at Bayern. So for the Dutch, Liverpool would be an awesome opportunity. On whether this transfer is going to happen or not , we will have to see during the next days. My comment on that, don’t do it Bayern. Champions league is coming up and you will need van Bommel.