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Content Marketing: Improve Lives And Your Bottom Line – Infographic



Content marketing can do a lot for you or your business. Done right, it provides more than just marketing for a product or a brand.

How to Improve Lives & Improve the Bottom Line through Content Marketing is about how to create momentous content initiatives at the intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause Marketing and Content Marketing.

Source: FusionSpark


From Hooters To Cinnabon: How One Woman Built A Billion Dollar Brand

Kat Cole, president at Cinnabon, explains the company’s growth and expansion plans as it offers smaller products and more items on grocery store shelves. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

On The Social Media Chopping Block – Today: #GoldmanSachs

Logo 500 9127018198_c6d1b32c80Social media has established itself as a major public relations, marketing, brand management and business tool. More and more companies appear with more or less valuable social media presentations. One that is a newbie in the social media world is on my chopping block today: Goldman Sachs Continue reading


$96B Not Enough: LVMH’s High-End Shopping Spree

From 5-star hotels to iconic coffee houses, the world’s leading luxury products group can’t seem to get enough of the good life. Here’s a look at some of the recent LVMH purchases, with a special glimpse at what’s on the horizon. (Source: Bloomberg)

Creating The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit – Infographic

infographic_wireframe_exhibitco_july2013Hosting a trade show exhibit for your business has numerous advantages. From marketing, social engagement, and branding, building an exhibit can sustain existing customers as well as develop new and loyal ones. Trade shows provide important face-face interaction. It’s no wonder roughly 70% of trade show attendees end up buying one or more products after visiting a booth.

However, if you are attending a trade show you will want to set-up an exhibit that is both appealing to passerby and properly displays your business products. Mapping out how you will create your perfect exhibit as well as what you plan to accomplish at your next trade show will help you and employees maximize your marketing strategies. You may want to have your team select at least three goals, assigning a percentage of importance to each. This will help you learn which products and services should be most visible on the floor. Continue reading

Social Commerce: Your Brand On Facebook – Infographic



Millions of users world-wide have “bought in” to Facebook, and countless businesses are profiting handsomely. Leaving you wondering . . .

How could your page be more likable? Here’s a few tips to make your FB fans “sold” on your brand:

Source: Ambassador

Videos Increase Your Brand Awareness – Infographic



Video is a fantastic opportunity to produce content that informs, engages, and converts. Nearly 40% of companies are using video as part of their content strategy. See how video can help increase your brand awareness. Continue reading

Personalities Of Brand Advocates (Some…) – Infographic

To celebrate the launch of social Brand Advocates, AddThis has posted a new infographic that highlight how brand advocates for certain verticals behave online. Continue reading

Online Brand Marketing In 2013 – Infographic

With the constant addition of new online platforms, it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with the latest trend in online marketing.  It doesn’t help that there seems to be countless ways to describe online marketing, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, realtime marketing and our favourite term at Tent Social, social content marketing. Continue reading

Killer Kate Spade: How a Brand Grew 410% in 5 Years

Logo TheMainStreetAnalyst 8713679455_e0394e3f7e_zIn the ’90s, everyone owned a Kate Spade bag, but after years off the best dressed list, Kate Space is back and growing fast. Much of the credit goes to Creative Director Deborah Lloyd, who gives Bloomberg’s Sheila Dharmarajan her insight on how to merge art and commerce in order to create a brand worth a billion dollars.

Inside Look At Brand Advertising On You Tube

Max Logo Thumb 100 8625130397_dc524b1105_tThese days, more and more brands are incorporating YouTube into their online advertising and marketing strategies. But if you’re new to advertising on YouTube, it can be tough figuring out how it works and where to get started. We spoke with Michael Lanz, Industry Director, Social & Information at Google, and Jane Barrett, Director of Marketing and Communications at Zoosk, to glean some insight into the benefits of brand advertising on YouTube, as well as some tips on how to get started. Continue reading

How Social Media Impacts Sales – Infographic

Do direct clicks from a social media site result in sales? How much time are you spending on Twitter, Facebook and Google+? Can you tell if it’s helping sales and impacting your brand? Continue reading

Your Brand Represents The Value Of Your Business – Infographic

Every business has a brand – is a brand – and this brand represents the values of the business and communicates that to its audience. As a professional you understand the value of a brand, so why is it that so many businesses drop the ball when it comes to their brand online? Continue reading

The Most Valuable Brands In The World – Infographic

Welcome to our interactive guide to BrandZ, our annual report on the most valuable brands in the world.

Scroll through the brands in the bubble chart using the left and right arrows. Click on a brand ‘bubble’ to view more detail about its historical performance and its relationship to other brands in its sector.

Use the drop downs to filter the charts. You can view the Top 100 brands by year, country or sector – or a combination of all three. So if you want to see which Chinese financial institutions made the Top 100 in 2011, you can change the filters accordingly.

Colour-coding by sector allows you to see that, for instance, technology companies dominated the Top 10 this year, with Apple, Google, IBM and Google among the world’s 10 most valuable brands. Looking more widely at the Top 20, telecomms companies and financial institutions also perform well.

You’ll also see that this year (2012), Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, followed by IBM and Google. Apple was also the most valuable brand last year (2011) although in 2010 Google took the top spot.

Source: Kantar, Millward Brown

What Is Digital Marketing – Infographic

Digital marketing is the use of internet-connected devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. This infographic helps you to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Source: Visual.ly