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Social Media Branding And Marketing: Beginner’s Guide – Infographic



With social media trends evolving every day, it can be hard to manage your business and keep up with daily social media responsibilities. To maximize your reach and profits, tailoring your social media efforts to your target customers is key.

Source: SuretyBonds

Start-Up Marketing And Branding Overview – Infographic

A process overview to walk an entrepreneur through branding and marketing needs. It is designed to break out the necessary steps while inspiring more of a social vision for a start-up. Original content by Carla Januska, inspired by sources cited. Continue reading

The Value Of Brands – Infographic

Ever wondered why all the marketing fuss with branding? Have you ever asked yourself why all those huge budgets spent on branding or rebranding? Are those companies so badly out of ideas that end up spending millions on the development of a better brand or is it something that I’m missing? Continue reading

Branding And Promotion: How Social Media Can Help – Infographic

Make sure you include Social Media as an integral part of your marketing campaign. Ensure that you promote your brand in the best way possible to boost your business. Continue reading

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