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Brand Managers: More Than Half Of The Population Expects You On Social


Social Media Is A Revenue Creater – Infographic

Infographic---Social-Research-and-RevenueVery slowly the fact that social media can create revenue sets in with marketing and social media pros. While most brands and businesses still trying to figure out how to use data of what people did yesterday, others have grabbed the bull by its horns and have adapted a more aggressive and direct way to offer products and services for their followers and friends to use tomorrow.

This infographic shows how research has established that social media is creating revenue. One of the most remarkable number in this graphic is that 90% of all purchases is based on social influence. Have a look at this infographic.

Infographic Source: SocialAnnex

Brand Value: Top 15 Global – Infographic



This info graphic shows top 15 expensive brands in the world. Brands acts as tool for its popularity and sales. Brand is directly proportional to sales. Apple, IBM, Google, Coco cola and Microsoft are the few expensive brands.

Source: Graphs

Content Marketing: If You Have Nothing To Show, You Won’t Have An Audience – Infographic

Sweet Shop IGIf a brand has nothing to show, the brand won’t have an audience.

Creating and having content is mandatory when brands and businesses want to be successful with digital and social media marketing.

This infographic shows how marketers are using content to make their brand a box office smash.

Source: Content Plus

The Power Of Brand Advocacy – Infographic

the-power-of-brand-advocacy_51dc675e27531What can brand advocacy do for your business? They can create awareness of your brand, help increase your sales, and increase consumers’ trust in your brand. 50% of advocates recommend a brand because they had a good experience with a product or service.

This Infographic was created using information from Edelman PR and Zuberance by Tiffani Allen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Ciceron.

Source: Ciceron

Brands And Businesses: Create A Positive Social Media Experience – Infographic

brand-experience-the-social-media-way_51d146bcd5dc6Social media is everywhere and since there is no escaping, brands have started to leverage it for an increasing market presence. Without a doubt a positive online brand experience creates loyal customers.

Several studies have found that the majority of customers engaged in the social media space – whether by participating in a contest or by liking a ‘brand’ on Facebook – tend to not only purchase the products, but also make recommendations to their friends and families.

Evolve to promote your brand experience in the social way. Check the infographic for more…

Source: ESalesData

Desired Brands In The U.S. – Infographic

Brand Desire is the world’s largest study into why we love the brands we love.The study is a thorough analysis of 3 years of data compiled from over 60,000 consumers on 900+ brands in six countries to identify what creates, destroys and sustains brand desire. Continue reading


Twice as Many Top 100 Brands Use Instagram Video as Vine http://t.co/eJh6cfmeWi — Mashable – Startups (@mashstartups) June 28, 2013

Advertisers Need You Tube – Infographic

Video content has experienced enormous momentum in recent years, with YouTube emerging as the digital darling of video seekers and sharers worldwide. The video platform draws 1 billion unique users each month and its ability to catch and keep attention has brought in brands eager to reach those captive consumers. Continue reading


Tumblr: Brands Should Forget Buying Media and Start Producing Content http://t.co/R4C3UCbbFR — TheMainStreetAnalyst (@TMStreetAnalyst) June 6, 2013 What do you think? Does Tumblr have a point here?

Beyonce’s Bankability Sparks a Brand War

75 million records sold. 17 Grammys. 4 world tours. No wonder companies like Gucci, H&M and Pepsi are lining up to capitalize on the brand that is Beyonce. Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde has more. (Source: Bloomberg)

Moms And Social Influence: Digitally Engaged Moms Part 2 – Infographic

Moms And Social Influence – As the primary decision makers for household purchases, Moms influence 2.4 trillion in spend every year. That’s some serious shopping. Continue reading

Connecting With Brands: Digitally Engaged Moms – Infographic

As the primary decision makers for household purchases, Moms influence 2.4 trillion in spend every year. That’s some serious shopping. Continue reading