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Korean Band 2NE1 Dominates Social at Cannes Lions – Infographic

Although the Cannes Lions Festival revolves mostly around brand innovation, there’s always room for some good, old-fashioned entertainment — especially in a location as coveted as the south of France.

Korean band 2NE1 entertained the crowd and the Twittersphere with its unique pop/hip-hop beats. The performance of their hit song “Can’t Nobody” launched the “2NE1″ keyword to the top of Cannes social buzz, where it earned nearly 3,000 mentions.

Attendees snapped pics of the band, as well as photo ops of celebrities like Jon Hamm and indie band OK Go. All the shutter activity contributed to 4,043 Instagram photos surrounding the event, which still has two days to go. So, stay tuned for our event wrap-up.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, aBbYhaLO