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Mancini criticizes Joorabchian – Premier League News

Roberto Mancini has a nice roster at Manchester City. But with the collection of stars comes a lot of nonsense. Carlos Tevez and his manager are just one example of what Mancini has to endure off the pitch. Sometimes its like a Zoo…

Mancini criticizes Joorabchian – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.

AC Milan and Manchester City holding talk about Tevez deal…

AC Milan chief Galliani to meet Man City to discuss Tevez deal – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Good luck, AC Milan. This guy is bad apple in the basket.

Carlos Tevez has a dream…

Carlos Tevez at Spurs?

This can’t be of serious consideration. Why would Spurs put everything they build in jeopardy with a Carlos Tevez buy? Can’t see it. There are better ways to make the headlines. Don’t spend that kind of money just to speculate, go and get a real cracker from Real Madrid or Barca.

Almost like Wall Street – Speculating like Champions

Roberto Mancini on Carlos Tevez…

Inter skipper Zanetti talks up Tevez deal

Inter skipper Zanetti talks up Tevez deal – ESPN Soccernet.

It is very difficult to understand why someone would hire Carlos Tevez, especially in Europe. His problem is, he wants to go home and that is not better solved in Italy. That nobody in South America is able to pay the transfer “fee” is a difficult problem for Tevez. After messing up with everyone in England all that is left are his friends in other European clubs that try to get hima a job.


Boca Juniors rule out swoop for Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez – ESPN Soccernet


Players like Tevez are not worth the money – They are of no use on the business side of the game.

After becoming a $Billion organization, Manchester City’s times are not getting easier. Having a roster of 22 so-called superstars has its own dynamics. Roberto  Mancini knows about that, and I am sure in 10 years he has a few stories to tell about the circus he managed at City.

The latest “performance” of Carlos Tevez is just  one of many incredible displays of idiotic behavior by City’s stars. Tevez refused to warm-up Continue reading

Manchester City and its doubtful business practices

Looking at the transfer market these days is, as always, a painful endeavor. Especially the events and actions coming from Manchester City make me wonder what these people there are trying to accomplish. While this insanity is going on for a couple of years, it now turns into a much more ridiculous, and that’s the polite form, circus.

Manchester City announced a $193,000,000 loss in the most recent papers, and it hasn’t been much better over the years before. However, they are busy as usual in the transfer market. While they have a valid problem with Carlos Tevez, there are many other cases one has to wonder what these people at City are thinking when it comes to transfer business. Jerome Boateng, Manuel Adebayor, Craig Bellamy, Wayne Bridge and a few others currently experiencing what can happen when the business side of a club is unable to take a look over the edge of the plate.

Jerome Boateng, not wanted by City is after one year, ready to move to Munich. Bayern is ready to pay a decent fee, but has no intention to pay City’s “moon prices”. Boateng was a bad move for City, and so was City for Boateng, and the club needs to close the book on this. Asking for an astronomical price doesn’t help here. The treatment of this case doesn’t really reflect very well on City. Other clubs are already fed up with City as Munich’s Rummenigge made the comment: “Seems they want to have 48 players on their roster, while only 25 are allowed”. Much less does the treatment of the other players reflect well. These are all guys that over the past years put the club where it is right now. One would think there could be a little more “giving” from the club. To leave the players hanging while making it clear without saying that they are not wanted and put a price tag on them that no one is willing to pay, doesn’t show a lot of ability, but much rather a big dose of incompetence.

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Manchester City has a lot of people on the roster that really give a penny for the club. The reason for that is the way how people are treated. Beside of those that have to leave, or stay while cashing in millions if the club doesn’t get its act together, there are a few others that were quite annoyed during the last season. Milner comes to mind as well as Deco and one or two others. Roberto Mancini and his helpers in the business suite must clearly lack people management and business management skills. Here is what is going to happen, if nothing changes: The other European clubs will not like to make deals with City and will leave the “goods on the shelf” of City. The players that are on the shopping list in the coming years, will not make a move, because their risk is too high. Yeah, it is good to cash in big time, but only if you can make some decent money after leaving City as well. Being a starter for one year on a four year contract and sitting the rest out, can cost you millions afterwards. Not a good deal. Players will no longer sign up for this nonsense.

As far as the next season goes, having all these guys running around in the reserve and delivering them weekly paychecks of $175,000 a week for nothing, like in Adebayor’s case, cannot be called sense of business. In addition, having Tevez on the roster in the next season will not be a lot of joy. The guy wants to leave quickly and won’t be in a good mood. A $80,000,000 price tag might not help in solving this problem. Admitted, Tevez is a different case and should not just let go for change. Some other superstars, in their own mind, won’t be pleased as well, with sitting on the bench. City will have a lot of small battlefields that can and will ruin the entire 2011/12 campaign.

Miss management is a common thing in clubs that didn’t grow into their role of being a leader, but were pushed into it by a flood of money from the outside. It wouldn’t be the first time that such an experiment is failing. There is this old saying in between soccer cracks: “If you want to p.. with the big dogs, you must be able to lift your leg”. Way to go, Manchester City.

Liverpool – Manchester City 3 – 0: City refusing to work!

Liverpool beat Manchester City today with a walk in the park performance. Andy Carroll with two goals and Dirk Kuyt before break clarified quickly who would leave the field as the winner.

Manchester City refused to work and had no chance to turn the game at any point. Looking at the performance and some obvious “little mind games”, it almost appeared the team is playing against coach Mancini. Tevez reported injury early, Milner throwing an armband at Mancini’s feet, Balotelli, coming for Tevez after 16 minutes, was taken off the filed in the 83rd minute. At City, nothing seems to be ok. It would not be surprise, if Mancinci would have to leave before the season is over.

Chelsea now has two points on City and a game on hand against Birmingham. With a win and not much left to play, Chelsea can shut the door on City, which in turn now has to fight off Spurs, who are only 3 points behind. 4th place seems to be the maximum City can get out of this season.

City faces rival Manchester United in the FA-Cup semi final on Saturday. A performance as weak as today and the end of that competition is sealed as well.

Let’s see what happens at City over the next couple of days.