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The Power Of The Shadow Economy – Infographic

Despite the negative economy reports popping up everywhere, an underground system where cash and services are exchanged without leaving any official records is actually thriving. This data visualization offers a glimpse into that world.

Start-Ups Swimming in Cash

Internet startups are not finding any difficulties in raising money. TheStreet asked several new companies about their financing at Internet Week NY.

Wall St Analyst Doesn’t Believe Netflix Story

As Netflix burns cash, expect it to seek another financing bailout. – Source: TheStreet


Is Apple Winning? – Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America.

Bruce Willis Fights For Vodka Ad Cash Over Shares – Video


Apple’s Q3 Earnings – Infographic

Apple posted a rare miss Tuesday thanks to a lull in iPhone sales. But as the following infographic shows, the company is doing quite well overall.

Statista crunched the numbers and found plenty for the folks in Cupertino to cheer about, namely overall strong growth in revenues and earnings. But consider also that Apple’s largest cash cow, the iPhone, has only been around five years. Meanwhile, the 2-year-old iPad is becoming another huge profit center for Apple. Not included in the chart, but worth mentioning is that Apple TV has quietly amassed 4 million units in sales over the last fiscal year and is no longer a “hobby” for the company.

If anything, this is a snapshot of a company in transition.

Source: Mashable.com, Statista, Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, svariophoto


Apple’s Financial Power And Business Reach – Infographic

Keeping up with Apple‘s growth is like sneezing with your eyes open — it’s nearly impossible. That’s why every so often we like to bring you an update of the latest Apple news, numbers and trends. The infographic below was designed by Sortable. It shares the latest Apple profits, revenues and cash-in-hand, along with the company’s reach — 30% of smartphone users in the U.S. have an iPhone…Read More

Thumbnail courtesy of Tibneo, DeviantArt. Source: Sortable.com

Why should Apple pay Dividends?

After this week’s Apple event, the writers in the finance world are busy to tell us why Apple should pay a dividend to its shareholders. The reasons brought up range from greed to theories from 1871 and worse. Fact is, Apple is not paying such dividend, and rightly so. Continue reading


How some billionaires have avoided reporting cash to IRS | http://t.co/HDNEIJfZ — Bloomberg Business (@business) November 21, 2011

Passengers pay cash to buy fuel and finish trip

Apple and the age-old ‘cash question’ – Therese Poletti’s Tech Tales – MarketWatch

Apple and the age-old ‘cash question’ – Therese Poletti’s Tech Tales – MarketWatch.

Leave the cash where it is, Tim. For now, anyway. There is no need whatsoever to pay a div..

Analyst speculation at its best – Google is still a cash cow.

Motorola deal sparks worries over Google cash – MarketWatch
What is the analyst profession about to do? Google is one of the biggest cash cows in corporate America and that fact alone is not quite popular with everyone. A lot of people would love to see dividend rather than investment. The Motorola deal will not change anything about that fact. What should one do with that kind of cash. Investments, smart investments like this one are the best use of the resources.

Everyone agrees on the deal. A different financing wouldn’t change anything on the fact that Google now inherits 39,000 people and other expenses on the side. If the deal is so agreeable, this is the way to finance it, no question.




$1.5 trillion under the mattress, no jobs – Video – Business News

$1.5 trillion under the mattress, no jobs – Video – Business News.

There are different theories why these companies are not investing, and questions: Is it a political agenda? What would a “tax-cut” do for this companies? More cash? Would a “tax-cut” really make them invest with such amounts of cash sitting in the bank already?