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5 Ways CEOs Can Be Interesting on Twitter

Get ready for this stat, marketers, because it’s going to blow you out of the water: Only 18% of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter. Put another way — 82% of Fortune 500 CEOs are missing out on the opportunity to lend an authentic voice to their brand, share product news, and hear from customers.  Continue reading

Klout Scores: Which CEO’s Have The Most Influence Via Twitter – Infographic

Which CEOs have the most influence via their Twitter accounts? Here is the list according to Klout’s dubious scores. Continue reading

Wondering Why Corporate America Can’t Monetize On Social Media? – Only 18% Of Top CEOs Are On Social Networks

Mashable.com – Only 18% of Top CEOs Are on Social Networks. Or, How To Improve A Car When You Have Never Seen One? 

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter may be gaining users at a quick pace, but at least one group continues to be hesitant about joining: CEOs. Continue reading