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Web Traffic: Your Website Is The Headquarter Of Your Business Operations – Infographic

how-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website_51e7693bac959Even in times of social media and blogs, having a good website is still important. See the website as your “headquarter” in your business operations. It is a place where you put all your information for the public to see and from where you distribute to the various other channels.

With that said, your site needs traffic. This infographic gives you an overview on how to do best in acquiring website traffic. For those that are around for a while, the information is not too new, but for those just starting or struggling, it is a good to have one-stop information sheet with valuable tips. Continue reading

Digital Marketing And Advertising: Transformation Of The Medias – Infographic

This infographic shows the effects of a shifting digital demographic. Breaking down the numbers highlights just how trans-formative the digital marketing media disruptions have become, as new channels wage an all-out war for our attention. Continue reading

Content Diversity In Online Marketing – Infographic

Online marketing is changing the ground rules in business. What worked today will not, tomorrow. As new channels and forms of online marketing emerge, what should content marketers focus on? Continue reading

Content Diversity In Ever Changing Online Marketing – Infographic

Online marketing is changing the ground rules in business. What worked yesterday and today will not, tomorrow. As new channels and forms of online marketing emerge, what should content marketers focus on? We offer a quick glimpse into the past, present, and future of content. Continue reading

Social Media Plan For Events – Infographic

Having a solid social media plan in place around your marketing events is essential to boosting engagement and overall awareness. Before an event your social channels are a great way to spread the word while pulling in registrants that are not currently in your database. During an event social networks offer a unique opportunity to interact directly with your audience while empowering them to share and amplify your message. After an event, social marketing is a fantastic way to stay engaged and have the experience live on through sharing of photos, blog recaps, and session recordings. Continue reading

Differences In Global Social Media Usage – Infographic

Though the social media revolution has seemingly conquered the world, there is a broad range of global usage from country to country and channels used.

Source: vizthinker, Visual.ly


Tumblr Is For Fashion, You Tube Is For Music – Infographic

Approximately 18% of the top 1,000 blogs on Tumblr are fashion-related, but on YouTube, less than 1% of the top 1,000 shows are about fashion.

That’s according to Tumblr CEO David Karp and OpenSlate Studios, which developed the infographic below based on data it has compiled about Google’s video network.

As the infographic illustrates, music and gaming dominate the ranks of popular channels on YouTube, accounting collectively for 45% of the 1,000 most-viewed. Comedy (14%), entertainment (13%), and How-to & Style (7%) round out the top five categories.

Interestingly, nearly a quarter of the 100 original content channels YouTube has funded are in the top 1,000, suggesting that the program is enjoying at least a moderate level of success. In fact, the company just announced that it is investing $200 million more in the project, expanding the number of original channels to 150. One show, Everyday Health’s Recipe Rehab, has been picked up by ABC.

What’s perhaps most impressive is the amount of revenue these channels bring in: The top 1,000 channels generate an average of $23,000 each month from YouTube ads alone. That’s not including the many sponsorships and product endorsements channel managers sign themselves.

Source: Mashable.com, OpenSlate


Social Media And Website Search Rankings – Infographic

SEO has been an essential part of brands’ online marketing strategies in the race towards top rankings on Google search. However, a new research reveals that social media engagement connected to a website can leverage a sizable rise (or even fall) in Google rankings independently from any SEO initiatives.

About the research

Six websites were established. Each site focused on similar sized American cities and contained similar type of content and URL. During ten months the content of the websites was left alone while gradually integrating various social media channels to five of the sites – the 6th website operated as a control test and was kept clear of social media channels throughout the entire test period.

Social media channels tested:


– Business page followers

– Google+1 votes to the site


– Likes and Share


– Followers

– Tweets and Retweets

The Results

The research not only aimed to reveal if any of the social media channels would influence the ranking on a Google search, but also if any of the channels ranked higher than others. The infographic says it all, really: Google services unquestionably created the best ranking results in the test. Not really that big a surprise all things considered. However, the negative ranking result of gaining 1000 Twitter followers seems off considering the assumed added user relevance to the website.

Point being…

However, the most interesting finding in the test is neither the fact that Google services bring great ranking results nor that a certain amount of Twitter followers creates a fall in ranking. It is the fact that the control test-website with no added social media channels experienced a slight decrease in ranking. Point being that without adding any social media channels a site’s ranking is entirely dependent upon the SEO-efforts. To further elaborate, a successful SEO strategy should explore the opportunities hidden in the use of social media channels if wanting to secure a great Google ranking.

Source: mindjumpers, mediabistro, tasty placement


Community Management – Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track? – Infographic

This infographic by Return On Digital gives some great tips on how to achieve success on social media. What I think makes this infographic particularly useful, is that it shows what you must keep in mind as a community manager – basically, it’s a list of do’s and don’ts for the community manager.

For example, a good advice is that one should not ask questions on Facebook at any price just because statistics show that it is effective – they don’t increase engagement rate if they are not relevant for the users. Also, don’t post just for the sake of posting – only post valuable content.

Source: mindjumpers, return on digital