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Digital Ad Spending In China: What’s Happening And What’s To Come – Infographic

“Digital Ad Spending in China – Statistics and Trends” to know more about the online advertising market in China.

China is a hot market for many industries and so it is for the advertising industry. Have a look at this infographic about what’s already happening and what’s to come. Continue reading


Meet Earth’s Biggest Phone Company (No iPhone, Yet)

China Mobile: Have you ever heard of it? It’s the biggest mobile service provider in the world, with seven times the subscribers of Verizon and made $560 billion in annual revenue. And that’s without the iPhone. The company is proof that Asia eclipses all other mobile markets and its meteoric rise shows no signs of slowing. (Source: Bloomberg)

China: Sina Weibo Top Users & Fast Facts – Infographic

Sina Weibo, with its 365 million users (100 million of which are active as of August, 2012), has attracted the attention of Western brands given the huge reach into the Chinese market. This Infographic highlights fast facts and the top 30 users (by number of followers). Continue reading

Apple Apology To China Was Big Mistake

Shaun Rein, Managing Director and Founder of China Market Research Group, discusses Apple’s presence in China and the mistake that CEO Tim Cook made. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Mobile Shopping: China vs. United States – Infographic

Today more Chinese consumers are going online with cellphones than with computers, and e-shopping via mobile devices is a fast-growing pastime. Check out the infographic below to see how China’s m-commerce market stacks up against the U.S. Continue reading

China Will Have 300 Million Android Users By The End of 2013 – Infographic

Let’s start Monday morning with some big numbers. Now that smartphones account for 73.2 percent of all mobiles sold in China, and with many locals opting for Android devices across a variety of price-points, it’s not too big a surprise that China is an Android nation. As neatly outlined in this brand-new infographic, China had 224 million Android users at the end of last year (already three times larger than the number of US fandroids), and is on course for 300 million by the end of this year. Continue reading

Who Is Hot On Chinese Social Media – Infographic

We know Justin Bieber is the most-followed celeb on Twitter, and Rihanna is well-liked on Facebook, but who’s popular on Chinese social media? Continue reading

Social Media Demographics From China – Infographic

The estimated number of active social networking users in China is 597 Million and the volume of social sharing in China went up by 60% in 2012 alone. Continue reading

The Chinese Social Media Landscape – Infographic

The Chinese Social Media Landscape. How to use Chinese social media to benefit your business from Australia and elsewhere. Continue reading

China’s Internet is a Giant Shopping Mall – Infographic

China will bring huge opportunities for UK businesses as online shopping continues to grow at a rapid rate. Chinese consumers in 2013 are expected to spend £177 billion shopping online, surpassing all other countries, including the UK, US and Western Europe. Continue reading

China’s Internet Industry – A look into China’s internet industry as compared to the US. This infographic animation explores the many companies unique to China and how they function.

China’s Online Population Rises By 51 Million in 2012

China’s Online Population Rises by 51 Million in 2012.

China has added 51 million new internet users in the last year, the Associated Press reports citing data from the China Internet Network Information Center.Compared to 2011, China’s internet user population rose 10 percent, bringing the total number to 564 million. That’s more than the entire population of Russia and the U.S. combined. Continue reading

Business: Chinese Investment In North America – Infographic

Amid the global economic slowdown, 2012 has shaped up to be a healthy year for Chinese investment abroad. But not everyone is welcoming Chinese investment. In North America, state-owned enterprises (SOE), national security, market access reciprocity, and regulatory transparency are all issues to have plagued Chinese deals in recent times. But given China’s investment interest in the region, relative to other countries, are these concerns justified? As a virtual data room provider used to facilitate financial transactions, Firmex takes a great interest in deals and trends in the M&A space. Their latest Infographic takes a closer look at China’s investment abroad, and where they really rank in the North American market. And you might be surprised by the findings.

Source: Firmex, Visual.ly


The Future Chinese Consumer – Infographic

The Chinese consumer is evolving. Key trends are shaping the consumerlandscape in China, which means consumers will look, feel, and act different from today

Source: Visual.ly


Google Decline In China Continues As Its Search Share Falls To 4th Place, Maps To 6th

It’s been more than two and a half years since Google left the Chinese search market, and the market share for its search and maps segments has continued to wane.

Marbridge Daily recently called attention to October search engine numbers from CNZZ that put Google at fourth place with 4.72 percent of page views, down from 5.1 percent the month before. Part of the reason for the slide was the arrival of search newcomer Qihoo 360, which was believed to have capture 9.64 percent of the market last month.

Qihoo launched its search engine in August and quickly jumped into second place. CEO Zhou Yongyi has set his sights on a 15 to 20 percent share of the market, enough to “destroy” Baidu’s monopoly. Baidu isn’t taking this lying down, though, as it has sparred with Qihoo over links to its site. Baidu’s share of visits was estimated at 72.97 percent, down from around 75 percent in September.

Last week, the Chinese government called a meeting representatives from the major search players to have them sign an agreement for fair competition. One specific issue was adherence to the robot.txt protocol that instructs search engines whether to crawl a site. Qihoo has faced accusations that it was copying search results and ignoring the robot.txt file.

Google also suffered a blow to its Google Maps platform in China last quarter. Mobisights reports that the search engine’s mapping service is now in sixth place in the country with just 9 percent share. It saw a steep drop in the third quarter, largely because of Apple’s decision to swap out Google Maps in iOS 6. In China, the iOS Maps application uses Autonavi’s data.

Autonavi ranks first among mapping services in China with an estimated 25.9 percent market share. Baidu is in second with 19.1 percent. In an effort to strengthen its mobile revenue, Baidu is investing heavy resources in improving its Maps product and it has spun off its Location-Based Services division into its own unit.

Image credit: Li Xin / AFP / Getty Images


via Google decline in China continues as its search share falls to 4th place, maps to 6th – The Next Web.

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