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Why Your CEO Hired McKinsey Consultants


Bank Marketing is about as exciting as a local car sales campaign

What makes a good marketing campaign? This is a question that many business owners and decision makers in corporate America ask themselves for years. The results of the thinking is raining down on us on a daily basis in form of advertising in many forms, social media activities and uncounted other forms of activity to promote a product, service or a company. Marketing is considered one of the most important activities for a business. And, I think, it is true. If you are unable to make the consumer aware of whatever you have to sell, you won’t sell enough to make your campaign successful.

In the last sentence above lies one of the keys for a successful marketing campaign. Selling!! The activity of selling is at the end of the campaign, but the process of selling clearly is deciding on the success of every marketing campaign. While corporate America is investing incredible amounts of money in the top end of a marketing campaign, the investment in the executing part of the campaign is rather modest. An incredible example for such a blunder are banks. Continue reading

Six sigma is supposed to help corporations to…

Six sigma is supposed to help corporations to streamline processes. The most important intention is, save the company money. Those that invented it, the consulting companies that implement it, those that sell it and otherwise make money on it, love it and think it is the greatest thing on Earth since sliced bread. Those that lose their job, have to sell it to the companies workers and those that take a closer look at what it actually does, think it is idiotic. All in all, what do you think about it? Is there an overall advantage for the U.S. economy? Scroll down in the sidebar and leave your vote.