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Mobile Customer Sales Funnel: Apps vs. MMS Text Message – Infographic

What converts the most customers? Apps vs. MMS Text Message Marketing – Discover the customer conversion through the mobile sales funnel Continue reading

Does Email Marketing Have A Future? – Infographic

In case you haven’t heard it enough — email isn’t dead. And if you weren’t sure, now you know. Well, I’m glad we were able to clear that up! So, rather than beat a dead horse and talk about how email isn’t dead, it’s time to celebrate email! Continue reading

The Power Of Affiliate Marketing – Infographic

To help our clients better understand the new consumer journey and the important role of affiliate marketing today, we’ve created a new Commission Junction Power of Affiliate infographic that breaks down the new consumer journey into five critical points: Catalyst, Evaluation, Conversion, Post Conversion and the Loyalty Loop. Continue reading