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Promising Customer Service Excellence? Read This – Infographic

if-you-dont-take-care-of-your-customers-someone-else-will_522550c8aa9d7Just using the good old phrase “Excellence In Customer Service” as many like to do, doesn’t cut it anymore these days. If you are not serious with your “excellent” customer service intentions, the phrase will backfire on you.

Today’s customers, with help of social media, are quick in giving bad recommendations for insufficient service.

Have a look at this infographic and learn of some statistics and facts that will help you to do better. All you need to do is follow through.

Source: SlickText




The Customer Service Trap: 80% of businesses believe they deliver superior customer service. In reality, only 8% of customers believe they have experienced superior customer service.

Customer Service: Importance Of Connecting And Engaging With Your Customers – Infographic


This infographic shows 5 customer service myths. One of them, “if nobody complains, everyone is happy” is probably the most underestimated fact/myth in customer service. In terms of social media it shows how important it is to connect and interact with your likers/followers/customers.

Have a look at this infographic from salesforce and create your own opinion.

Source: Salesforce

Customer Satisfaction: Decrease Waiting Time And Increase Profits – Infographic

why-we-wont-wait_51eecbf48a82dWhen you count your revenues and profits and you wonder how you could do more, have a look at your customer service lines and see how you can shorten them. Customer satisfaction issues cost US businesses $83billion a year.

Have a look at this infographic with some valuable facts and tips on how to improve customer satisfaction, and your revenue with some quick and easy steps. An entire guide to improve customer service is available here.

Source: Lavi Industries

Better Customer Service, Better Business – Infographic

67% of consumers state they are inclined to spend more money with a company that provides top-notch customer service, and 75% of consumers are willing to spend more money with companies that boast a history of quality customer service. To keep the numbers high, businesses small and large are still putting the customer first. But what is their approach? Continue reading


Now that social media dominates communication, it should come as no surprise that 80% of companies are planning to incorporate social media into their customer service strategies in 2013. Social media isn’t the preferred method of customer service yet, but it’s … Continue reading


A Magic Connection: Social Media and Business – Only 14% of Consumers Trust Advertisements But 78% Trust Peer Recommendations! As customers increasingly turn to social media sites for customer service, the social help desk lets you respond in real-time to … Continue reading

How Apple Takes Advantage Of Customer Communities – Infographic

There are currently 246 Apple stores in the U.S. throughout 44 states. Within the stores, there are 27,350 retail employees, and 7,700 U.S.-based AppleCare Advisors. But where else do Apple consumers get their answers? In free, member-driven communities, where people can help one another with their various issues. This supports the new wave of social, where members within brand communities serve as their own experts, their own moderators, their own tech support, and enthusiastic evangelists.

Source: Visual.ly, get satisfaction


Bad Customer Service/PR: These Companies Leave You Hanging – Infographic

The average person wastes two days each year on hold.

And if anyone knows the pain of placing calls, it’s the assistants at Fancy Hands. Fancy Hands is a New York startup that matches busy clients with personal assistants for a monthly subscription fee.

Fancy Hands just crunched a lot of data to find out where its assistants spent the most time in 2012.

A good chunk of time was spent doing research for clients (33%). A lot of it was also spent on the phone or on hold (14%). Fancy Hands places, on average, 42 calls per customer.

Two companies that kept assistants on hold the longest: Time Warner and Verizon.

Comcast wasn’t much better — it actually kept one of the Fancy Hands assistants on the phone for 2.6 hours.

In the retail category, Walmart kept assistants on hold the longest, for 13 minutes on average.

Here’s the Fancy Hands infographic (click to enlarge):


Social Media And Customer Service – Infographic

Companies are realizing that taking care of their customers via social media is vital to their success. Check this infographic to see what industries are big (not always good) in customer service on social media.

Source: Visual.ly, Clicksoftware.com


Facts And Tips To Improve Customer Service – Infographic


Offering an exceptional customer experience can help your company thrive, creating return customers and building lifetime loyalty.

Source: Visual.ly



Managing And Measuring Social, Social Media And Business – Infographic

New research from Econsultancy and Adobe found that two-thirds of businesses (67%) agree that social media is integral to their marketing mix, while 66% say social is integral to their overall business strategy.

The survey of 650 marketing professionals also found that 64% of businesses use social for brand awareness, 44% for marketing campaigns and a quarter (25%) for customer service.

The Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Managing and Measuring Social examines the trends for managing and measuring the business value of social media and provides a snapshot of social media uses, challenges and needs from companies today.

Econsultancy research director Linus Gregoriadis will present the research at a free webinar on Tuesday 25 September at 8am PST/4pm BST.

This infographic includes some of the other interesting findings from the research…

Source: econsultancy.com


25 Influencers In Customer Service – Infographic

The Customer Service community is a vibrant gathering of people focused on driving forward-thinking, customer-centric conversations in business today. These community members are dedicated to recognizing excellence in customer support and service, and pushing forward new ideas and ways to not only deliver excellent customer service, but also measure its impact both in traditional and social business terms.

Engaging and exceptional customer service is something that MindTouch is deeply committed to, not only via our awesome service team, but through our products as well. Over the last couple of years, we’ve drawn from these leaders to inform on our product strategy, and it clearly shows, given the amazing response to our social knowledge base by our customers and peers.

With that type of influence and thought leadership, we thought it was suitable to frame our next “Most Influentials” list on this very important group.

What does it mean to be influential?

To us, it’s not just about how many followers you have on Twitter (one-dimensional) but your strength and influence you have in all corners of the Internet (multi-dimensional). For example, how passionate your followers are about the topics you share (do they re-post, share, comment?), how well you leverage new technology, your ideas and best practices that push the envelope and how you drive conversation to benefit the industry as a whole.

With that in mind, we compiled our rankings from a variety of multi-dimensional metrics to measure influence. Our formula consisted of a weighted average across a range of metrics including Alexa, Twitter, Klout, PeerIndex, socialmention (passion and strength), Twitalyzer and HowSociable. In addition to calculating out the Most Influentials using our own special algorithm, we asked for YOUR votes to name the Top 5 Most Influential in a recent poll. The outcome were astounding. With over 1,000 votes – we took the wisdom of the crowd and applied those results to our final list. Thank you to all those who voted and contributed to our final ranking!

The infograph illustrates how much influence the individual has in relation to the other thought leaders. We published a few of the scores we considered for this ranking; Twitter followers, Klout and PeerIndex. These thought leaders were first scored for influence then compared to one another to create the top 25 ranking.

Source: Mindtouch

Social Media: Expanding Customer Service To Twitter – Infographic

Twitter tips for small business - how to boost your viral marketing with Twitter

Check out our data visualization blog.

Source: Visula.ly, Zendesk


Social Media and Customer Service – Infographic

It’s seems like theses days you are more likely to see a commercial saying “like us on Facebook” than not. Brand involvement has always been the name of the game but today’s technologies allow us to be more involved than ever. Theoretically you can talk directly to Oreo or Coke by posting on their Facebook walls. So why is this so important? When you have customers interacting with your product even when they are not using it you have created a customer base more loyal than others.

Social media has allowed companies to become more responsive than ever before. Today’s infographic Social Customer Service: The Next Competitive Battleground shows us that companies are responding quicker than ever to their customers complaints. In fact about 84% of social media use is geared towards improving customer service.

Source: Bluewolf, daily infographic