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How Are Apps Shaping the 2012 Election? – Infographic

How Are Apps Shaping the 2012 Election? [INFOGRAPHIC].

Source: Mashable.com, EngineYard.com

If 2008′s presidential race was the social media election, then this year’s is certainly the mobile election.

EngineYard.com created an infographic that breaks down how the U.S. has used mobile apps, in both sending and consuming information, during the 2012 election season so far.

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Some notable stats from the graphic: 70% of the most active iPhone states (New York, California, Illinois) tend to vote Democrat, while 70% of the most active Android states (Colorado, Arizona, Georgia) tend to vote Republican. And, of the approximately $1 billion spent on the election by both parties, around $54 million has been spent on digital advertising — including mobile.

Take a look at the graphic below:

Republicans split?

Looks more like a confusion about being able to agree to something. Some haven’t realized that they are actually allowed to vote for stuff that makes sense…

Fox News for Democrats…

Obama Blames GOP for Deficit Panel Failure

Obama Blames GOP for Deficit Panel Failure – Bloomberg.

There is no problem with Obama blaming the GOP for this. The GOP will turn this thing around and blame the Democrats for it. The fact is, we have guys sitting in D.C. making decisions that are not in our and the country’s interest. This is not acceptable. Everywhere else all these “moonshine barkers” would be out of business for a miserable performance such as this. The “super committee” turns out to be more like another real lame duck.


Threatened Defense Cuts Could Be 2012 Issue – Bloomberg

Threatened Defense Cuts Could Be 2012 Issue – Bloomberg.

We are the number one spender in military & defense spending in the world. We beat number 2,3,4 and 5 summed up. Two of the 4 following are our allies, with other allies sitting in spots between 5 to 10. To claim we cannot afford to cut less than 7% of our military budget is, mildly expressed, a scandal. If this is subject to discussion with the argument that national security is at stake, then this is nothing short of fear mongering.

Since both parties are so much into ending the war in Iraq, it can be expected that this war, or what is left of it, will come to an end, right? This alone will free up resources to cover for the cuts. One could believe an army of lobbyists is working in the background and defending an ever increasing revenue stream.