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eCommerce Start-Ups: Avoiding The Pitfalls – Infographic

avoiding-the-pitfalls-of-ecommerce_5239cf3d892a9The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about sixty percent of start-ups survive up to three years in the competitive world of business, and only thirty-five percent will make it past their 10th year. When it comes to start-up internet businesses, the failure rate is said to be even higher, with a few studies reporting failure rates as high as ninety percent. Some internet-based businesses even fail as quickly as within the first 120 days of operation. The internet is a booming business, and every quarter it is estimated that $43 million is spent in online shopping alone. So why are so many ecommerce businesses not making the cut? The following infographic illustrates a few key reasons why most ecommerce businesses fail, outlining everything from poor marketing strategies and lack of direction, to mistakes in website design and lazy customer service. It also provides a handful of essential tips that new business owners can use to ensure sustainable start-up success.

Source: Chargeback

Marketing: Understanding The Changes Of The eCommerce Landscape – Infographic



The eCommerce landscape is rapidly changing – to help our clients and followers understand these change we have the created the “eCommerce Today” Infographic. The “eCommerce Today” Infographic is full of Stats and Tips in relation to ecommerce websites, ecommerce integration, ecommerce marketing etc. We hope you find this infographic interesting.

Source: CueCommerce

Customer Retention: Do It Right And New Business Will Follow – Infographic

the-importance-of-online-customer-retention-infographic_51e8e7b4b0358Check out this infographic from Go-Gulf “The Importance of Online Customer Retention” to understand how important is it to retain online customers and customer retention best practices for E-commerce businesses. It also includes a few tips on how to deal with your customers and how to keep them happy and engaged with your business.

This infographic fits very well to a short article I wrote matching another customer retention infographic Customer Retention And Loyalty – How To Complicate An Easy Business Rule

Have a look and bookmark both under “Important”

Optimizing AdWords For eCommerce – Infographic


AdWords is a thing a lot of us can’t get their hands around. Data, competition and other influences complicate the subject as well. There have been some changes in the past on how to best deal with these tools and this infographic gives an oversight on how it can look like today.

There is no one solution that fits all and AdWords optimization begins with structuring the data in a way that enables performance. Have a look to see how the new way of doing things makes optimization possible.

Source: Finch


Retailers With Upside Potential

June sales reports by retailers could create a buying opportunity for some stocks on Thursday says AAP Co-Portfolio Manager Stephanie Link.

B2B Marketing: Business Buyers Are People Too – Infographic

business-buyers-are-people-too--b2b-ecommerce-statistics_51d1a6bdb42f8For a long time B2B marketers believed it is not of advantage to spend time and money in social media marketing. This is another wonderful infographic to show why B2B marketers must do social media marketing.

In the e-commerce world, the lines between B2C and B2B are blurring as retailers and brands begin serving multiple audiences online. Melissa is part of the B2B audience. She embodies the new enterprise purchaser. View our infographic to learn the facts about B2B, and how buyers like Melissa want to shop.

Source: ShopVisible

5 Trends in European Digital Consumption – Infographic

A McKinsey iConsumer survey spotlights key trends in e-commerce, mobile, multichannel, social media, and big data. Continue reading

Understanding Ecommerce Re-Platforming – Infographic

Re-platforming your business can help you better adapt to a more complex web, and stay ahead of the competition. By using the latest in ecommerce technology you can increase your site efficiency, meaning less customer support and maintenance needed, powering a higher ROI through better conversion rates and long-term growth in sales. Take a look at the infographic below for some tips on things to consider when re-platforming your website. Continue reading

Ecommerce Link Building Tips 2013 – Infographic

Building successful links pointing to ecommerce sites is one of the most difficult tasks in website building and seo. People still hesitate to link to pages that sell. This infographic gives some valuable tips on how to build links that work.

The social media tip at the end of the graphic is debatable. There is nothing that speaks against selling on social media. In fact, your social media properties are your showroom. If you don’t show and offer what you have, you are losing out on a great opportunity. Continue reading

E-Commerce A Hot Spot For Growth Investors: Barnes

First Round Capital’s Phin Barnes discusses investing in e-commerce with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Investment Practices In The Fashion Tech Industry – Infographic

FashionTech is one of the most exciting industries today, but how much is really known about investment practices? This infographic based on Helium Magazine’s FashionTech 2012 Industry Report crunches the data on what FashionTech companies got funding last year. Continue reading


Tablet use is increasing exponentially – after just a few years, 55 million Americans already own some type of tablet device. And that number is expected to grow. With the simple functionality that tablets offer, more and more online shoppers … Continue reading

Is Pinterest The Future Of Ecommerce? – Video Graphic

Pinterest is gaining esteem as the leading way to online shop. It’s a retail wonderland with its visual and user friendly interface. Continue reading


The Battle For Smartphone Supremacy – Infographic

How often do you use your smartphone to peruse a website? According to a recent survey, over the course of the past year visits to leading ecommerce websites from consumers’ mobile devices have skyrocketed. And the battle for smartphone supremacy is intensifying.

The infographic below illustrates the direction in which the mobile commerce is headed, and shows the race between iPhone and Android.

Digital marketing technology company Monetate issued the report from which this information is extracted. The report analyzed more than 100 million online shopping experiences to come up with the data below.

Have you shopped more frequently from your mobile device in the past year?

Source: Mashable.com, Monetate