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Why Every Major Brand Should Use Empire Avenue – Social Media Rocket Fuel

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Why Every Major Brand Should Use Empire Avenue – Social Media Rocket Fuel

As a professional in the marketing and social media industry, I am watching online business and business attempts for over15 years. Over that time period a lot of things have developed and looking at today’s state of things, it is quite enormous what business opportunity has developed out of the Internet. It is a completely new economy that grew out of it.

While 15 years ago, there haven’t been enough people online to justify a serious web business, today’s picture is completely different. Looking at some Facebook profiles, even dogs and cats are online. Continue reading


Empire Avenue Mission Cheating – Even Some Leaders Cheat

Mission cheating is still in full swing. It is time that the leaders and influencers on Empire Avenue step up and make a statement. Remember, you have a lot of followers and they want guidance. You are offering guidance in blog posts, communities and many other ways. This is a chance to make a leadership statement and be a real leader and influencer.

Four weeks ago, I wrote a few articles about mission cheating and got a lot of positive responses. Positive in the sense that people don’t like it. It made me feel better that I am not the only one that can get fired up over the cheaters. In the days following my posts, I included a little warning that I will call cheaters out. That obviously took the sting out of a few of these people and those that had cheated on my missions in the past left my missions alone. The success rates of my missions went clearly up and most missions had actually a 100% success rate. As it always is, if you stop pay attention, things change. At one point I eased the message in my missions a little and just added “Don’t cheat”.  Over the last week or so I didn’t check on the missions anymore and I am sure if I go back and check, I will find bad things. Anyway, this morning I ran a, for me, big mission and the result is absolutely bad. Just 30% of people were willing to complete a mission after taking the eaves, even though I advertised that I will monitor the mission.

In the past people stated if you only put 500 eaves out for a mission, cheaters will walk over it and take it. Some came up with ridiculous excuses why that is. Today’s mission was for 3,000 eves and the result was absolutely terrible. Mission cheating is in full swing. This mornings experience thought me that even the big and respected players are involved in mission cheating. Here is what happened:

Over the past few days I ran a few missions and not all closed with all slots taken. Since I don’t want to archive the missions and take the eaves back, I got the glorious idea to run a “special mission” to get them closed. I put out 3,000 eaves to finish 3 other missions. I added the three mission links to a new blog post and set the mission link to this blog post. Continue reading

Empire Avenue Mission Cheating – Responses, Findings, Clarification

Over the past few days I posted a few articles and community posts about cheating on Empire Avenue missions. The responses were great and it is apparent that a lot of people have an opinion about the subject. Today, I want to talk about a few things that seem to be misunderstood by some readers of my posts.

What is cheating on missions

When I talk about cheating on missions, I don’t mean those that made a mistake on a mission once or twice in three month. I much more talk about people that sit there and “take” missions with the intent just to take the eaves and not following through on their end. They are taking 10-20 missions in a row and none is completed. I also talk about people that take my missions without completing them, repeatedly, almost day after day. Funny enough that both types of cheaters show up in both groups. By the way, I also send messages and ask if there was a problem. I have sent up to three messages to some hard-core cheaters and haven’t gotten a response to it. 2 or 3 actually bought my shares without a comment. You make your own conclusion out of that. Continue reading

Cheating on Empire Avenue – Missions

This morning, like almost every day, I started running my daily missions on Empire Avenue. While running my first mission and monitoring progress, I decided to change my schedule and write a few lines about the bad habits of some people that obviously misunderstand the sense of Empire Avenue and its opportunities. The word “Thief” come to mind. Continue reading

Empire Avenue delivers your message

Having a beer with Empire Avenue’s Dups and Ric Williams

On Wednesday night a few of us Empire Avenue players had the pleasure to meet Dups and Ric Williams of Empire Avenue for a beer while they were in town for social media week. As the most will probably know, Dups is the CEO and Ric the COO of the company. The event was announced in the New York City community for about two weeks.

We all met at a bar at Grand Central Station and had quite a good conversation about Empire Avenue, social media and what’s to come and what kind of opportunities lie within Empire Avenue. It was very interesting to meet people that are behind the operations and learn how they function. Listening to this and having some experience about working for and with technology start-ups and newcomers make me appreciate the Empire Avenue crew’s work much more. It also puts a few concerns of players into perspective. Empire Avenue is not Facebook that has already spent 100’s of millions for development, improvement and other things to get better and reach a bigger market. In my opinion, this is the most important thing to consider while attempting a comparison or asking for improvements. It is important for all of us players to know that the company leaders know that there is a lot of space for improvement and additions and that they are working on it. And, as I thought, they know and read about the concerns players have, even if it is posted elsewhere. It is not my intention, and not my job, to put everything I heard yesterday into this article and let the world know about it. However, it clearly looks like it even gets better.

I am on Empire Avenue for 5 month now and I enjoy the site for various reasons. First of all, the game part of it is entertaining and fun, no doubt about that. The social activity and socializing aspect, and that is my personal view, is much better and easier than the social media heavy weights like Twitter and Facebook provide. Much more important for me when I think about the future of Empire Avenue, the site can be exceptionally well used for business purposes, by every business that has an interest in social media marketing. And, the site is not a competition for Facebook, Twitter and others, it actually is in support of all the others. Looking ahead, this could very well be the breakthrough for Empire Avenue in the future when it comes to involving businesses in the site and the game.

The important things I took out of this meeting: EA is listening and is looking at the player concerns, they do their best to improve our experience and they have their own good ideas on how to make it better. Is it all happening in a few weeks? No, probably not, but, from my own experience in that world, that is a matter of resources rather than a matter of willingness.

Comments are appreciated.


What to know about Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a social media site with its own dynamics. Unlike Facebook, which is, in my eyes, a very static site, you can post what you had for breakfast, or not, and people like you anyway, Empire Avenue requires you to be active on a regular basis. At least if you want to get anywhere in the gaming part of the site. You need to buy shares, increase your dividends, both on the receiving side AND giving side. If you just sit there and watch, frustration is around the corner. Continue reading

Hit the Lottery on Empire Avenue…

I just made a real good experience on Empire Avenue. Ever wished you would have more buyers? Well, be careful what you are asking for. Three days ago, our dear friend Scott Wendling, decided to run a mission. He put out 500 eaves for 500 people to buy me. That’s awesome, isn’t it? I already thanked Scott for doing this and I am flattered someone would do this for me. So, this is not at all to complain. I just wanted to let you know what happened. Continue reading

Empire Avenue – Mission Sharks

It’s been a few weeks now that missions for all is enabled on Empire Avenue. Enough time to learn on how it works and how to decide on whether you take a mission or not. For the most part, the missions work well and serve the purpose, in my case at least.

There are a few things that make me wonder. I run mostly small missions. Ten, maximum 20 rewards, because I still have to keep an eye on the Eaves spent. That has the advantage to take a quick and easy look at the mission and see who participated, and how. Of all missions I ran so far, none was completed by 100%. Some people just took the Eaves and ran. Is this ok because Empire Avenue is just game? Are these people the same way in real life? Not taking it exactly as it is required and just watch out for themselves?What would you call the same in real life?

As stated above, it is a few weeks now and there was enough time to learn on how this works. By now the mission thing should be an easy thing to understand, especially when it becomes a major “income source” for some. At the beginning, I had my own troubles with it. I saw a few Eaves and ran for it to find myself in a mission I could actually not do for one or the other reason. After a couple of days and a number of missions I have learned to read and understand what is required first before I click the link. Sometimes it happens that I am not able or willing to do the mission and then I don’t do it. I don’t take the Eaves for reading about it and I am not supposed to. I remember when the mission thing started and some people lost Eaves (and real dollar) the questions of calling out “the swindlers” was on the plate. I am not for that kind of thing. And after running a few missions on my own and getting a taste of what some people are up to, I still hesitate to do it, even though I know who is “out there for change”. Well, I know the few in my case.

I am wondering what other people have experienced and what is your opinion about this issue. Please leave your comment.

Current Situation in my Investment Activities on EA

Current events in my investment activities have lead me to write a few lines about my current investment policies.

As many of you could see, I had earned some remarkable numbers in my activities. On January 5th, I paid pout 1.47 in dividends with a share price of 113.45 and both rising. My activities have not been unnoticed, especially by those that just look for rising shares. For over 90 days, I didn’t have a falling share price. The result in the first January week was a bombardment of buys. One would think that is a good thing. In my case Continue reading