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Customer Service: Importance Of Connecting And Engaging With Your Customers – Infographic


This infographic shows 5 customer service myths. One of them, “if nobody complains, everyone is happy” is probably the most underestimated fact/myth in customer service. In terms of social media it shows how important it is to connect and interact with your likers/followers/customers.

Have a look at this infographic from salesforce and create your own opinion.

Source: Salesforce

Most Engaging On Google+ – Oh, Wow! – Infographic

Is Google+ a ghost town or is it a speakeasy with a cup full of moonshine waiting for those brave enough to knock on its door?  This week, Reuters posted an analysis of Google’s social layer revealing that 40 percent of the brands with pages on Google+ either aren’t posting content at all or aren’t updating their pages very often. Continue reading


The Social Media Marketing Industry – Infographic

Our Infographic “Social Media Marketing Industry” covers the latest Social Media Trends, Social Media Challenges, Strategy of social media marketers and lot more.

Infographic by – GO-Globe.com