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Sexual mores in England and Europe…

The English FA’s Problem in Finding a Manager

The English Football Association is sitting in a difficult situation. They are looking desperately for a coach and manager for their National Team. Well, some would say, that can’t be so difficult. England promotes itself on a regular basis as the home of the “best league” in world football. For a candidate of such a pool of master players, there must be someone willing to do this job. Well, not so. The FA is limited in their actions, because the call from the “public” is for an “English” manager. No more foreigner, is the tenor. That brings a few problems to the table. Continue reading

Fabio Capello on Wayne Rooney

I can’t believe he is considering leaving Wayne Rooney at home. I am sure he is playing. On the other hand, Rooney might be a happy camper to have a nice vacation. Advancing to the next round is not a sure thing. Sitting there and watching three games and then travel home is not that great.

Campaign against Depression…

Carling Cup has it…

England and Euro 2012 – Home before the Postcards again?

Inter skipper Zanetti talks up Tevez deal

Inter skipper Zanetti talks up Tevez deal – ESPN Soccernet.

It is very difficult to understand why someone would hire Carlos Tevez, especially in Europe. His problem is, he wants to go home and that is not better solved in Italy. That nobody in South America is able to pay the transfer “fee” is a difficult problem for Tevez. After messing up with everyone in England all that is left are his friends in other European clubs that try to get hima a job.


Brassell: Rooney-less England with different sources of versatility – News | FOX Sports on MSN

Brassell: Rooney-less England with different sources of versatility – News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Two good results in friendlies don’t make you the winner of next years Euro 2012. Once the English make it into the 2nd round, they better have Wayne Rooney ready.