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By The Numbers: Women And Small Businesses – Infographic



Women in business become the norm. Over the past 10 years there has been a drastic increase in women lead businesses. Have a look at this infographic and 8 encouraging facts.

Women and small businesses by the numbers, as compiled by the House Small Business Committee.

Visual Marketing: Statistics And Facts – Infographic




This is an interesting infographic about statistics and facts about the importance of using good web visuals to increase conversions.

Source: Fannit

Crazy Stuff About Social Media Crime – Infographic

social-media-and-crime_5245d2ee1d7e4Did you know that 81% of Internet-initiated crimes involve a social networking site? This statistic is pretty unnerving to think about, especially since the majority of people in the U.S. maintain active accounts one one, if not multiple, social media sites.

This infographic has some crazy numbers and facts and with all the warnings about internet crimes, one wouldn’t believe what people still do.

Source: Instant Checkmate


Google Turns 15: The Mind-Blowing Facts

Today is Google’s 15th birthday. Bloomberg takes a look at some of the most mind-blowing facts and figures from Google’s first decade and half. (Source: Bloomberg)

Social Media: Important Stats And Facts – Infographic

social-media-2013Social media became important to all of us over the past few years. It refined the way we communicate, how businesses market their products and services, how we receive our daily doses of information and it created hundreds and thousands of new other ways we do things.

This infographic shows why social media and its platforms is so important. Have a look at the stats and facts.

Source: Mantas Malukas

Etsy: Growing Social Commerce Platform – Facts, Tips, How-To – Infographic

etsy-marks-the-beginning-of-a-new-economy_5243c4151104eEtsy’s social commerce platform paving the way for a new economy. The site is a force to be reckoned within social commerce and can work very well as a sales tool in combination with Pinterest. With over 800,000 online shops and 15 million one-of-a-kind items, Etsy is indeed re-imagining commerce!

Source: StartUpsFM

Cyber Crime: Top 5 Affected Countries, Facts And Numbers – Infographic



Cyber crime is costly for all of us. In 2012 people lost an astonishing amount of money because of cyber crime. And there is an upward trend.

Have a look at this infographic and see the 5 top affected countries and some facts and numbers about cyber crime.

Source: TopTenReviews

Stuff Around Fashion Week – Infographic



Fashion Week is always an interesting and fun event, no matter in what city.

This infographic shows a few fun and interesting facts around the events of fashion week.

Source: Farfetch

Promising Customer Service Excellence? Read This – Infographic

if-you-dont-take-care-of-your-customers-someone-else-will_522550c8aa9d7Just using the good old phrase “Excellence In Customer Service” as many like to do, doesn’t cut it anymore these days. If you are not serious with your “excellent” customer service intentions, the phrase will backfire on you.

Today’s customers, with help of social media, are quick in giving bad recommendations for insufficient service.

Have a look at this infographic and learn of some statistics and facts that will help you to do better. All you need to do is follow through.

Source: SlickText



Many Reasons Why Pinterest Is Good For Business – Infographic



That Pinterest is a pretty good tool for business to make a cut on social media is not a surprise anymore. More and more companies, including the big ones, have a Pinterest presence.

Have a look at this infographic with good info and facts why the platform is so popular.

Source: Top Search Engine Optimization And Promotion

What To Know About LinkedIn: 22 Amazing Stats And Facts – Infographic



Did you know that there are 1.5 million groups on Linkedin? That’s 1.5 million different business niches represented among the 238 million Linkedin Users. That gives any B2B marketer a great opportunity to find and market to their target market on Linkedin.

Source: Wishpond

Twitter By The Numbers: 20 Stats And Facts – Infographic

infographic-20-amazing-twitter-stats_5213d60e1a22bDid you know Twitter is already 7 years old? And most small businesses are still quite new to it.

If you’re on the fence about whether Twitter is worth your time, take a look. As Twitter expands on its ad platform, small businesses will have more opportunity to capitalize on its graph of user information. With over 200 million active monthly users, it will be hard to ignore its potential to reach new customers.

Source: Wishpond

Smartphone Users: 12 Mind Blowing Facts – Infographic




The future of mobile is the future of everything, one would think! Here are 12 reasons why you should think of a mobile phone as a possibility to grow your business and reach more customers.

Source: TextMagic

Mobile Retail: Stats, Facts And Mobile Behavior – Infographic



In today’s retail industry, it is becoming ever more apparent that retailers must be ready to join the mobile revolution. Mobile is becoming increasingly more accessible for the consumer and so should be a retailers first port of call for their marketing efforts.

This infographic gives some insights into stats, facts and mobile customer behavior. Have a look

Source: Dynmark.com

Advertising: How They Try To Get You – Infographic



This infographic gives you facts about how much advertisers would spend just to get your attention.

Advertising is a science in itself. Companies and marketing firms invest money and resources to figure out how “to get you” to buy their stuff. Check out this link to some interesting advertising facts

Source: LaserTekServices