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Social Currency: Social Media Stats And Facts – Infographic

the-effect-of-social-media-on-commerce_51dc7f46cc7d4The use of social media platforms is growing at an exponential rate. To be exact, within the past 7 seven years the use of social media has grown 365 percent.

Everyday millions and millions of people are expressing their feeling and experiences about products and services through social media. Therefore many companies are focusing their attention on social commerce. Check the infographic and see why

Source: Fedelta

Facebook: Facts, Numbers and Power – Infographic



Facebook has power. Check out how much!

Facebook is always impressive when it comes to statistics. Here is a new infographic with some numbers and facts as of May 2013. Have a look, it is, as always, biiiiiiig.

Source: YouTheDesigner

Marketing: More Facts Why You Need To Blog – Infographic



Blogging is a must!

If it needs more reasons why you or your company should have a blog, here are some interesting facts about why everyone individual, business, and organization should have a blog and be actively using it!

Source: BWHGeek

Tumblr: Facts And Numbers – Infographic

In light of Tumblr’s recent acquisition, I thought it would be interesting to see what Yahoo! was paying $1.1 Billion for. In short, it’s a ton of traffic. I’m excited to see what kinds of advertising products and targeted tools it releases as it moves to monetize the site. Continue reading

WordPress Becomes 10: Facts And Stats – Infographic

What began 10 years ago as a fork of the blogging software b2 grew within a decade up to the biggest and most important Content Management System (CMS) and blogging tool in the world. WordPress is a grown-up, but still growing. We celebrate this event with an infographic. Have a look: Continue reading

Facts And Headaches Of Financial Services Firms And Banks – Infographic

Financial services firms and banks are always looking for ways to improve profits by cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction. The infographic below shows facts and headaches these firms experience while taking on the various projects. Continue reading

Tweet City, The City That Always Tweets – Twitter Facts And Numbers – Infographic

In 2006, nobody could have dreamt that Twitter would grow to be the second most popular social media site. Initially, it took more than three years for the billionth tweet to be published, but now it takes just 5 days for 1 billion tweets. Continue reading

China: Sina Weibo Top Users & Fast Facts – Infographic

Sina Weibo, with its 365 million users (100 million of which are active as of August, 2012), has attracted the attention of Western brands given the huge reach into the Chinese market. This Infographic highlights fast facts and the top 30 users (by number of followers). Continue reading

Facebook vs Twitter – Facts – Infographic

We use Facebook and Twitter every day, but did you know the sheer scale of the 2 largest social networks on the planet? Continue reading

The Phenomenon Of Apple Stores – Facts And Figures – Infographic

Apple Stores are a worldwide phenomenon – and a huge factor in Apple’s retail and sales success. MacFormat presents their story in stats. Continue reading

Social Media Manager? Hootsuite: Agents Of Social Media – Facts And Numbers

HootSuite has recently hit two milestones: 1 billion messages sent and 4 million users. Our users are influential, engaged and active across multiple social networks. To celebrate these achievements, our owls in the field have collected a dossier of statistics in the form of an infographic. Continue reading

CRM Failures – 70% Of European Businesses Have Failing CRMs – Infographic

70% of businesses have failing CRMs. Take a look at some of the key factors behind CRM failings and find out how to avoid being part of this statistic. Continue reading

Video And Advertising – Facts And Figures – Infographic

Facts and figures Video advertising on social media. Continue reading

Email Security & Usage Around the World – Infographic

In the following part of the article we will study some stats and facts about the email security and the usage across the globe. It has been seen that around 25% of the people send email at late night just to prove their commitment. Continue reading

The Facebook Like Button: Facts And Surprises – Infographic

The Facebook like button is perhaps the most used website widget in all of the internet. Used on over 125 million websites around the world, Facebook has became tightly integrated into the way we surf the web and share content with our friends. As we dug a little deeper into the Facebook like button, we found out some interesting facts that may surprise you. Continue reading