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It’s time to change the way we approach healthcare and fitness. According to the Centers for Disease Control, four out of five U.S. adults do not meet guidelines for healthy physical activity. Research by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid … Continue reading

Tweets Of The Day – Monday, May 27th

Today’s tweets are about health, fitness, social media, start-ups and New York City.

Sugar Consumption And Health – Infographic

The consumption of sugar will always be an issue for nutritionists and health buffs everywhere. As long as sugar remains a large part of the American diet, we will continue to hear about all the negative effects sugar can have on the body. As someone who is studying nursing, it’ll be important to understand how the overconsumption of sugar may cause many health problems in the future. Many may ask: Is this concern exaggerated? Absolutely not. Sugar is in everything and it has contributed to the growing obesity epidemic in the United States. Since 1990, sugar intake has increased by 40 lbs a year. Is it a coincidence that the obesity rate has increased by 20 percent? As a nurse, you will see many cases in which a reduction of sugar intake could have gone a long way to ensuring less visits to the hospital. It’ll be important as a nurse to educate your patients on why sugar is bad and why they should limit their consumption of sugar. This infographic will show you just how getting your daily sugar fix may be contributing to many short term and long term health issues.

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Top Health and Fitness Apps to Improve Your Workout and Diet – Infographic

Mashable, 04/29/2012 If your smartphone isn’t already your best workout buddy, it might be in the future. Tracking your progress on a mobile app makes it easier to eat right, sleep well and push a workout harder…Read more

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Why you need a Fitness Coach when you go to the Gym!