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Watch the #NewYorkCosmos v ManU at 2:30PM on…

Watch the #NewYorkCosmos v ManU at 2:30PM on #FoxSoccerChannel live. http://rememberthecosmos read, enjoy and vote

#RememberTheCosmos Watch the #NewYorkCosmos first game after 25…

#RememberTheCosmos Watch the #NewYorkCosmos first game after 25 years. Friday, 2:30pm live on #FoxSoccerChannel, what’s your opinion? http://rememberthecosmos.com

UEFA Champions League: Chelsea – Manchester United – Preview

Manchester United and Chelsea face off today in a “super-clash” in the Champions League quarterfinal.

Besides of winning the game, there is much more at stake. For the fans, the usual bragging rights are up for crab. For the clubs there are millions of dollars at stake. Within the Champions League competition, each of the clubs collected already around $45 million. The winner of the two-legged quarterfinal can collect another $15 – $20 million, other millions of marketing income “on the side” not counted.

As far as the game goes, the winner is impossible to predict. Everything can happen and much will depend on how well the players got up this morning. Both teams know each other very well and major tactical inventions are not to expect. Manchester United seems to be the team that displayed more consistency over the season, but at this stage of the competition it is about “win or die” and the past performance is worth as much as the paper it was commented on.

Chelsea is awaiting Fernando Torres’ first goal for the club since his arrival in January. For Chelsea and Torres, it couldn’t be a better day than this event to finally set a tone and value the price tag for the transfer. On the other side, Wayne Rooney is in the spotlight. Rooney is facing a two game ban in the Premier League for a “verbal outburst” in last Saturday’s game in West Ham. He is asked to make up for his poor public display and play his soul out.

Watch the game on Fox Soccer Channel at 2:45pm.