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Happy Hump Day!

To all my readers and friends. Happy Hump Day. Have a look at this video, if you haven’t seen it yet. Something to smile about.

Facebook Influence: Friend Recommendations And Purchasing – Infographic

How do friend recommendations affect Facebook purchasing? Here is an interesting break down. Continue reading

Do You Take Your Social Media Friends to The Bathroom? – Infographic

The bathroom is usually a place of privacy; however, we’ve given that up to tweet and Facebook on our phones.

Source: Visual.ly, Emergency Plumber



What Would Make You Decline A Job Offer That Requires Relocation? – Infographic

Jobs are a tricky thing. At least for us new post-graduates. We scour job sites, send out applications, and sometimes get responses. But what happens when the jobs you get take you outside of your home? Relocation is a reality for many professions, both young and old. Relocation is never easy, and not everyone is accepting these far away offers.

Many potential canidates are put off by the thought of selling their home and finding a new one. Others are afraid to leave their families and friends, starting new in an unknown city. And another big group are put off by higher cost of living that is associated with many locations. These problems are giant drawbacks to relocating, but and luckily companies are compensating with incentive packages.

Would a hefty relocation bonus, higher salary or temporary housing bonuses sway you to relocate? Let us know!

Source: Daily Infographic, Atlasvanlines.com

A Few Numbers Around Facebook Friends – Infographic

Honesty and Friends…


Happy Sunday to All!

If you do what you always did, you will earn the same old results. -V.-