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Are Gold Prices Being Manipulated In London?

Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen reports on the probe by U.S. regulators on gold pricing in London. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Warren Buffett Rebuffs Gold – Does nothing for any Economy

Warren Buffett hit the nail on the head. Gold is a useless investment. It just does nothing for anyone and does not produce anything. If everyone would invest in gold rather than in the economy, we all would still throw stones at each other. If it ever comes down to it that gold becomes a currency, we will all wish it would go away. Until then, it is a speculation tool and helps those with an “me first” attitude to sleep better.

Buffett rebuffs gold, but inflation says ‘buy’ – ETF Adviser – MarketWatch.


Hugo Chavez collects Venezuela’s Gold Reserves – First Shipment arrived

Wonders of gold and its impact on the economy

Wonders of gold and its impact on the economy – The World’s Next Great Investing Columnist – MarketWatch.

While, one way or the other, we all like Gold. As an investment,  for the economy Gold is a more or less useless instrument. Investing in Gold means you take the money out of another investment, out of your paycheck, out of your savings and it goes, nowhere. In other words, when you buy Gold you weaken the economy.

Stocks fall because commodities fall?

US stocks lower as commodities slide

This is what Main Street will not understand. Commodities, overheated, fall and stocks are sliding as well. There is not much sense in this theory. Gold is a more or less useless investment, except for those that have it. The oil companies will have less profit, but everyone else has an advantage of falling oil prices.  Are stocks falling because so called market makers are at work?