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The limitations of "Like" — Facebook's Graph Search stays in the shallows http://t.co/9BQCIIjLzL — CNET (@CNET) July 9, 2013 Advertisements


Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search http://t.co/rhZPaXwO2T by @CatClifford — Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) July 8, 2013

How Facebook Graph Search Affects Your Privacy – Infographic

Facebook Graph Search is being rolled out to the masses and it’s important to be aware of the searchable content you post. Public information will come up in search queries and may prove problematic if you have content on Facebook that you don’t want the world to see. Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search And Social Recruiting – Infographic

In order to demonstrate some best practices for social recruiting with Facebook Graph Search, this infographic can help you to see the big picture. Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search: Can It Help Small Businesses? – Infographic

Facebook is looking to become a market leader in the social search. It currently has over 1 billion active users and hopes to expand on this with its latest search option. Our infographic suggests ways in which small businesses can benefit from Graph Search. Continue reading

Future Of Search: Google Search VS. Facebook Graph Search – Infographic

Facebook has recently introduced Graph Search which brings the long due innovation in internet searching and suddenly makes Google look broken. It is based on natural language instead of Google’s keyword based search; it provides you with personalized search results that exactly match your needs; it understands – for the most part – what you mean by a search query instead of mindlessly matching the keywords; and a lot more. Continue reading