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Social Media For Hiring Is At An All-Time High – Infographic

It is no news that social media is a tool for companies to screen their candidates. While some companies are still living in the dark ages, the number of active “social media recruiters” is rising. Check the facts and numbers about social media recruiting and if you are a candidate, make sure you fit in. No drugs, sex and rock’n roll on your diverse social media outlets. Continue reading

Creating Company Culture – Infographic



89% of hiring failures occur because a new employee does not fit in with company culture. Take a look at this infographic from TEC in Wisconsin to learn about creating the right culture for your company.

Source: LeadershipPeerGroups


Google Only Wants to Hire Geniuses: Levy

Steven Levy, author of “In The Plex,” talks with Tom Keene about Google’s edge over the rest of the technology companies as it prepares to report results later today. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Career Change: Every Skill And Experience is Transferable – Connect The Dots

PrintEver had the idea, need or felt the force of changing your career? Most people have, but can’t find the right time, and courage, to jump ship and make the switch to something different. Sad.

In today’s competitive job market we all have been told “be an expert in what you do” and don’t ruin your career with patchwork. Patchwork in the sense of doing too much or having worked to many different jobs and industries. The common opinion with companies, recruiters, HR and other folks involved in hiring is, you can’t be good in all of it. They claim they need experts. The result of such practices you can find in the quote below.

“A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have”.
-Steve Jobs- Continue reading

The War On Talent Has Shifted To Social Media – Infographic



The war on talent has shifted to social media. Those seeking the best are searching and offering on social media platforms.

This infographic shows some of the major players in social media hiring and how they operate. How does your company stack up?

Source: RecruitLoop

HR: Overworked And Overstressed Talent = Hiring Mess

HDI and Robert Half Technology present a study that delves into the reasons why it’s so hard to attract and retain good technical support staff. Continue reading

Apple’s New Spaceship Campus: A Hiring Boom

Cory Johnson looks at Apple’s plans to expand their employee workforce with the new Cupertino campus. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Today Is Outsourcing And Crowdsourcing, Tomorrow Is Prosourcing – Infographic

This infographic profiles the various methods of outsourcing. It provides statics and information on outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and prosourcing. Learn more about the evolution of hiring and the benefits of prosourcing. Continue reading


Hiring Process: Why Is It So Hard To Hire? – Infographic

With a nationwide unemployment rate of 8.1%, many Americans are having a hard time finding work. Despite this, 3.8 million jobs in the U.S. remain unfilled. It’s a contradiction that one infographic sets out to unravel.

Compiled by SmartRecruiters, a social recruiting platform, it explores the question, “why is it so hard to hire?”

For businesses, the infographic reveals a broken hiring process rife with lags in turnaround and efficiency times, as well as wasted company resources. For job seekers, it shows missed opportunities and lengthy wait times for application processing.

The infographic also offers up solutions linked to social and mobile hiring. For instance, nearly half of respondents said they would be more likely to apply for a job if they could simply send a link to their social profile, rather than update their resume.

Check out these and other interesting tidbits in the infographic above.

Source: Mashable.com, smart recruiters

Marissa Mayer Is Reviewing Every Single New Hire At Yahoo – Business Insider

Marissa Mayer Is Reviewing Every Single New Hire At Yahoo – Business Insider.

Back in early August, there were reports that new CEO Marissa Mayer intended to do what Google’s cofounders have always done: review every single new hire the company makes.

Now, according to a Yahoo executive involved in hiring, Mayer is actually doing it.

She literally looks at every serious candidate’s resume.

Yahoo has about 15,000 employees and it is hiring all the time, so this is no small task.

This seemingly small change is already having an impact both positive and negative on the company, says our source.

In some cases, it is costing Yahoo good candidates because the CEO-level review slows down the entire hiring process.

“It’s gotten a little frustrating,” says our source, who has, himself, lost out on two hires who joined other companies before Mayer got around to approving their hire.

But this source also says: “I can’t say that I blame her.”

He says that one of Yahoo’s biggest problems over the past couple years has been “B-players” hiring “C-players” who were not “fired up to come to work” and were “tolerated too long.”

“I mean nobody gave a s— to come to Yahoo.”

Taking over a mess like that, says our source, “I’d want to review all the talent that comes in the doors, too.”

Mayer has worked hard in her first few weeks to improve Yahoo’s employee culture. She’s keeping the lights on later at the office, giving employees new smartphones, and made food free.

She’s also explained to Yahoos that with these privileges, they will be expected to work harder and faster than they did before.

Now, it seems she’s just making sure the company is staffed with people who will get the message…Read more

Source: Business Insider


How To Make The Right First Impression On Social Media – Infographic

First impressions are everything, but sometimes they creep up on you. As a job candidate, 86% of potential employers will look at your social profiles — even if you don’t explicitly share those links. While Facebook red-cup duty is common practice for job seekers, you might be surprised to know that recruiters think poor spelling looks worse than drinking.

Along with copyediting yourself, data shows you may want to keep Burning Man references under cover, too — 18% of recruiters reacted negatively to the festival.

Column Five Media put together an infographic of tips for using social media to make first impressions — and included a few things every job seeker should avoid. Data is courtesy of Jobvite.

Source: Mashable.com, Jobvite, Column Five

Hiring Tips…

What is a job seeker to do? Be social, or not?

What is a job seeker to do? Isn’t looking for a job difficult enough these days? Now a job seeker has to put his/her social life on hold so that a recruiter can make the marks at the right position? The question should not even be subject to discussion for multiple reasons. As long as it is of disadvantage and is considered “personal information” to attach a picture to a resume, screening of social media should not be allowed. If the content of social media is not “liked” by the “screener” interview questions should/must be asked about a social media profile. Who can guarantee this? On the other side, most job seekers prepare their social profiles for a job search just like they do with a resume. That could mean all kind of things.

If a company is looking for people that can perform a certain job, they should get the picture while speaking with the candidate. Reading a Facebook or Twitter profile will not cut it. If that is a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s decision maker, then he/she should be replaced. Despite all the social media and other options available these days, recruiting and hiring is still people business.