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How You Can Become An Influencer And Source In Your Area Of Expertise – Infographic




You are a source for a story being written right now! No matter what your area of expertise, journalists are looking for sources and contributors just like you.

Source: TheSocialMediaSideDoor

Klout To Measure Influence. Really? – Infographic


Klout is a popular tool these days. However, the value of the scores is debatable and the ways people use to increase their score further heat the debate. One is under the impression Klout measures everything, but influence.

The infographic below is presented by KloutScoreBook.com that provides valuable information on how to increase the Klout score and boost up sales. A closer look reveals on how Klout’s influence measurement can be (and is) misused just to increase the score. Klout a marketing and sales tool?

Source: KloutScoreBook

Your Most Important Customer: Meet The Affluent Influencer – Infographic

meet-the-affluent-influencer-the-affluencer-is-your-most-important-customer_5231d84817531A new report by iProspect has identified for the first time how to target those who are both affluent AND culturally influential…and therefore more powerful consumers. iProspect is calling this person the “Affluencer.” This research provides key insights into Affluencers’ attitudes and preferences to help marketers better understand the demographic group, and to learn how to tap into their authority and influence to help drive long-term customer engagement and success.

Source: iProspect


The Influence Of Social Media On Online Shopping – Infographic




This infographic shows a few facts and figures on how social media is changing the way customers are shopping online.

Source: MarketMeSuite.com

Influence Marketing: Is It Worth Having A Look At It, Yet? – Infographic

influence-marketing--state-of-influence-report-2013_52003f321fdf6Companies are starting to look for  influencers on social media and the web. While there are several platforms trying to measure influence, the accuracy of their results is questionable, at best.

Some of the most popular tools and sites to measure influence are Klout and Kred, among a few others. While Klout is quite popular around social media users, and companies looking for influencers, its ability to measure real influence is limping. In times when it is possible to increase the Klout score with posting “catpictures”, it appears Klout measures usage more than any relevant influence and seems to be far away from delivering a relevant influence score.

However, companies have discovered that real influencers can be of value for marketing purposes. Many have started digging for such influencers and go beyond the scores of any measuring tool and check for relevant content and reach beyond “just posts” on Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

Social Media: Influence On Your Business – Infographic


Social media takes influence on businesses and entire industries. It is difficult to understand why there are still businesses out there that don’t take advantage of the opportunities social media has to offer. One of the most mentioned reasons for not participating is knowledge about the subject.

While this infographic does not provide a guide on how to do social media marketing, it informs what social media actually does for your potential customers and what it can do for your business.

Have a look at this infographic to get a better understanding of the social media impact on your business and on your marketing campaigns.

Source: Go-Gulf


Influence Marketing for B2B and Advisory by @insight180 – Influence Marketing Is…Although a potentially “hot t… http://t.co/TXdiJPrzAq — Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) June 19, 2013

How Much Celebrities Get Paid To Tweet – Infographic

Celebrities are often paid up to six figures to send a single sponsored message. The Huffington Post put together a breakdown of how much exactly 18 different celebrities get paid to tweet. Continue reading

Beyonce’s Bankability Sparks a Brand War

75 million records sold. 17 Grammys. 4 world tours. No wonder companies like Gucci, H&M and Pepsi are lining up to capitalize on the brand that is Beyonce. Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde has more. (Source: Bloomberg)

Social Media Camp 2013: How Did They do? – Infographic

Hundreds of social media experts and enthusiasts
recently landed in Victoria for a two-day Social Media Camp, featuring five distinguished keynotes. So how
did they do? Check out our media analysis infographic for full details! Continue reading

Moms And Social Influence: Digitally Engaged Moms Part 2 – Infographic

Moms And Social Influence – As the primary decision makers for household purchases, Moms influence 2.4 trillion in spend every year. That’s some serious shopping. Continue reading

Business: The Young And Influential – Infographic

Can you imagine founding a world-famous technology company by age 30? How about being the president and CEO of Yahoo by 40? This infographic takes a look at these young influencers, along with others in the areas of politics, music, television, and medicine. See who your famous peers are Continue reading

Interesting: The Top 20 Most Social CMOs – Infographic

The Top 20 Most Social CMOs – Some Expected To Pop Up Here, Some Not

The study revealed that the following individuals have social influence which distinguishes them from their peers. Continue reading

Facebook Influence: Friend Recommendations And Purchasing – Infographic

How do friend recommendations affect Facebook purchasing? Here is an interesting break down. Continue reading

Can Kred Help You In Your Social Media Campaign? – Infographic

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of all Marketing campaigns.There is no more a question if Social Media Marketing is required. But any effort without metrics does not sustain for a long time. Hence various metrics are emerging in Social Media world to help us understand Social Media Influence and outreach. KRED is one of most important ones out there. This infographic explains Kred and how it works. Continue reading