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Epic Career Mistakes Made By LinkedIn Influencers

Francesca Levy, Editor at LinkedIn, and Nick Thompson, Bloomberg Contributing Editor, discuss personal stories from LinkedIn Influencers about their career mistakes. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Digital Marketing: Wasting Your Budget By Not Using Social Influencers – Infographic

The place where businesses struggle to find a safe way to invest their money is in the realm of word of mouth advertising, engaging and employing those people who can effectively influence their audiences in the marketplace. As this info graphic shows, influencers in social media have the potential to direct market behavior among their peers and beyond. What most research doesn’t show, is how to effectively take advantage of that. This info graphic fills in some of those blanks. Continue reading

Must Do: Activate Your Social Influencers And Advocates – Infographic

If you are not taking advantage of your influencers and advocates, you are wasting valuable resources. This is an important read for every business active on social media. Here is a guide on how to activate your social advocates and influencers. Continue reading

Social Media Is A Sales Driver! If You Treat It As Such.

Social media seems to continue to be the nut that can’t be cracked when it comes to sales figures. With few exceptions, retailers and the business world in general have yet to figure out how social media can be a part of a solid sales campaign. There are various reasons for that. Continue reading