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Many Reasons Why Pinterest Is Good For Business – Infographic



That Pinterest is a pretty good tool for business to make a cut on social media is not a surprise anymore. More and more companies, including the big ones, have a Pinterest presence.

Have a look at this infographic with good info and facts why the platform is so popular.

Source: Top Search Engine Optimization And Promotion

Content Marketing: Growth For Your Business – Infographic

grow-your-business-using-content-marketing_51c8252bba1d4Content marketing has grown into one of the most important marketing tools available. Other than “data mining”, which might give you a hint on the prospects needs, content marketing done right can give you the right inside knowledge you need to turn your marketing efforts into dollars.

This content marketing infographic illustrates how we think about growing a business online presence. Continue reading

Kickstarter: Pros And Cons – Infographic

This infographic created by a Media Studies Graduate student lays out the pros and cons of using the Kickstarter funding model, particularly for film makers. Continue reading