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Apple Entering ‘Year of Innovation’ in 2014

Topeka Capital Markets’ Brian White discusses what lies ahead for Apple and previews the company’s earnings with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Technology Is A Canvas, Not A Platform – And So Is Digital Marketing

Max Logo Thumb 100 8625130397_dc524b1105_tThis statement, spoken by David Droga, founder of the creative agency Droga5 at the Innovation Uncensored Conference,  best captured the truth about digital marketing today.  It points to the shift in marketing that’s occurred since the advent of social media and explains the surge in popularity of conferences and books about creativity and innovation. Continue reading

Innovation For Small Businesses – Infographic

In today’s business environment, standing out from the competition and staying ahead is key to future growth. Building innovation into all areas of your business strategy can help strengthen your position. Continue reading


How are organizations budgeting for innovation? What’s holding innovation back? What technologies are considered innovative? Who benefits from innovation? And how do you spark innovation? This infographic gives you all the results and provides a roadmap for what you should … Continue reading

Change And Innovation In A Decade Of Wireless – Infographic

Had the U.S. wireless industry experienced the most innovation and change of any market over the last decade? Here are the numbers. You decide.

Source: Visual.ly


Personal Branding: The New Corporate Culture – Infographic

The success of a company in the new business world is solely dependent on its individuals. This is the role of personal branding in organizations today!

Source: Visual.ly, johnantonius.com

The State Of Innovation In The Enterprise – Infographic

CA Technologies commissioned a survey of global business leaders and asked them to rate IT’s ability to drive innovation in their organizations. The results may surprise you! Does your IT organization have what it takes?

Source: Visual.ly


What’s Holding You Back From Taking Full Advantage Of The Cloud? – Infographic

Few words in tech have had more buzz over the past couple years than the omnipresent “cloud.” Cloud computing has ushered in a new era of technology, changed the way many companies do business and facilitated the age of mobile devices and social networking.

But not every organization has been so quick to flock to the cloud. A major outage to cloud computing servers used by Instagram this summer showed the potential pitfalls for businesses and brands.

The following infographic from CA Technologies’ CloudViews is based on a recent survey of IT leaders; it shows just how and why some companies have been slow to adapt.

Among its more interesting findings: While 80% of respondents say cloud computing drives innovation, more than 50% say they had no immediate plans to implement it. Why the disconnect? Job anxiety could be one reason. A shade under half of respondents say they believe companies will have to create entirely new IT jobs to accommodate a transition to the cloud, while 56% say cloud computing will require current employees to learn new skills.

For more, check out the full infographic below. Then, tell us in the comments: Do you think cloud computing is critical for all organizations today, or can some afford to sit out?

Source: Mashable.com, CA Technologies


Bank Innovation – State Of Retail Banking – Infographic

With all the new technologies sprouting up before our very eyes, you would think that the banking industry would be making some advances of their own. While online banking and other products and services have moved the industry into the future, banking as a whole seems to have flat-lined in terms of recent innovation. Learn more about the current state of retail banking.

Source: Visual.ly

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Business: Strongest Retail Stores: Apple Stores – Infographic

While online shopping is quickly dominating retail, there’s no substitute for a visit to the Apple Store. From the distinct style to the bright-eyed employees with an encyclopedic knowledge of the brand’s products, shopping at an Apple Store is an experience all its own.

If you count yourself among the Apple fanboys and fangirls, you’re in one of the biggest clubs in the world. As of July 2012, Apple has opened 363 retail hubs in 11 years, stores that shoppers have come to associate with the latest tech innovations. As part of the most valuable public company in the world, Apple stores make more money per square foot than any other U.S. retailer.

OnlineMBA created this graphic, which takes you behind the scenes of Apple’s in-store retail operations. One stat that particularly caught our eye: Getting a job at a Manhattan Apple Store in 2009 was harder than scoring a spot at Harvard, with a hire rate of just 2%. It’s no wonder they seek out the cream of the crop. In 2011, Apple store employees’ average sales per square foot were more than twice the sum of three of the retailer’s competitors (Best Buy, Costco and GameStop).

Source: Mashable.com, onlinemba


Korean Band 2NE1 Dominates Social at Cannes Lions – Infographic

Although the Cannes Lions Festival revolves mostly around brand innovation, there’s always room for some good, old-fashioned entertainment — especially in a location as coveted as the south of France.

Korean band 2NE1 entertained the crowd and the Twittersphere with its unique pop/hip-hop beats. The performance of their hit song “Can’t Nobody” launched the “2NE1″ keyword to the top of Cannes social buzz, where it earned nearly 3,000 mentions.

Attendees snapped pics of the band, as well as photo ops of celebrities like Jon Hamm and indie band OK Go. All the shutter activity contributed to 4,043 Instagram photos surrounding the event, which still has two days to go. So, stay tuned for our event wrap-up.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, aBbYhaLO


U.S. Innovation Economy at a Crossroads – Infographic

If you ask an average American whether they’re happy about the sluggish economic recovery, many would answer with a resounding “no.” Put the same question to a startup owner in the white-hot technology sector, however, and you’ll probably get a much warmer response.

About 72% of startups reported optimism about the economy this year in a study conducted by Silicon Valley Bank. Compare that to the 71% of Americans who rated economic conditions as poor and 58% who said their own economic condition would be better off a year from now in a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, and you’ll discover there’s an above-average optimistic tone amongst the startup community…Read More

Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, lisegagne

SOPA – Lists of Supporters

If you take a look at the list of SOPA supporters you would believe you are in a bad dream. It is absolutely mind bugging how some companies, and associations, got the idea to back this. Take a look at this and, if you can, consider someone else for your needs.

This is an election year. It is appropriate to make people understand who is the “Chief Backer of SOPA”. Continue reading

The Misery in Retail Banking

As an ex banker (for over 15 years) I am always interested what is going on in the banking industry. Because that is so, I always break out in tears when I pass a bank branch. I cannot think of another industry that has neglected marketing, pr and the entire self representation as much as banks have. Looking at it, if you take the logo off, you would think they are a all the same bank. Marketing and pr from the consulting handbook and the staff still forced into a dress code that reminds you on the 50’s and 60’s. All that’s missing is that the men have to wear a hat. Continue reading