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Three Minutes With A Berkshire Billionaire – Not Warren Buffett


Algorithmic Finance: Decoding Wall Street – Infographic


Penguin, Panda, Google, algorithms. Usually, when the word algorithm comes into play, most people think about Google, search and keywords.

Algorithms are also used in the world of Wall Street and its money makers. In the past 10 years algorithmic trading has become a huge factor in trading and investing.

This infographic explains the industry of algorithmic finance, offering insight into how it works, the prevalence, and different kinds of algorithms used for investment.

Source: QuantConnect

Shadow Accounting – A Look Inside Hedge Funds – Infographic

This visual offers a primer on alternative assets (hedge funds) and the role that shadow accounting plays in the industry. Continue reading

The Awesome Portfolio Checklist – Infographic

Want to know how to have a great portfolio? You could read a huge stack of books and academic papers. We’ve done that for you, and distilled it down to the seven things you should make sure you do. Continue reading

Cantor Fitzgerald: Buy eBay On The Dip

On today’s “The Next Big Trade,” Cantor Fitzgerald Internet Analyst Youssef Squali discusses his trade for eBay. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Investing: Should You Still Invest In Tech IPO’s? – Infographic

The economical landscape is changing. It’s always been changing. A couple of decades ago, you could invest almost mindlessly in any technology stock and know you’d evenutally break even. The growth potential was almost a risk to forgo. And because of the unbelievable success of firms like Apple and Microsoft, Continue reading


This infographic takes a look at the companies Americans say they hate, but investors love.