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The True Cost Of An iPhone 5: At Least $1,800 – Infographic

So you scraped your pennies together and you’re ready to buy the cheapest iPhone 5 there is: the 16 GB model with a 2-year contract. A pretty good deal, right? $199 for the best smartphone on the planet?

Not so fast. Consider your voice and data plan, which is going to cost you at least $1,440 over two years — and that’s for the absolute rock-bottom plan on AT&T, the cheapest iPhone carrier in the U.S., with pay-as-you-go texting. (AT&T is also the most expensive carrier; its unlimited plan will set you back more than $5,500 over two years.)

All this and other potential costs are broken down in this infographic, created by content marketing firm Avalaunch Media. While the cost estimate is a little prescriptive — who’s to say you’re going to need a case, a car charger, a stereo dock and an armband? — we’d say it’s a good ballpark guess at how much you’ll be shelling out on hidden extras and accoutrements.

If you’re a former iPhone user, you’re going to need Lightning adapters. Even if not, we doubt you’ll make do with just the one Lightning charger. And then there’s the content; only 30% of iPhone users get by with free apps. Chances are strong you’re going to download more.

All in all, we’d say $1,800 is a conservative estimate.

How much have you spent — or will you spend — on your smartphone over the life of its contract? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.com, Avalaunch Media

Gadget Lab Show: Apple’s iPhone 5 Wins, Maps App Fails | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

Gadget Lab Show: Apple’s iPhone 5 Wins, Maps App Fails | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is just a few days old and, so far, it’s the best-selling iPhone ever. It’s also one of thefastest, most powerful handsets ever. It’s mighty stylish, too.

Our resident Apple reporter, Christina Bonnington, gets her hands on a new blacked-out iPhone 5 and, along with iPhone 4S owner Roberto Baldwin, compares the new and the old in this episode of the Gadget Lab Show. There’s a lot of newsy newness here — bigger display, thinner chassis, an aluminum panel replacing the back glass, the wonder of iOS 6 and, of course, the complete and utter fail that is Apple’s Maps app.

Christina and Roberto break down the good and the bad on the hardware and software. Take a look and stay tuned for Christina’s full, in-depth written review of both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

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Source: Wired News

Numbers Around Smartphones And Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch – Infographic

Stats and facts around the impact smartphones have had on the world. It is estimated that Apple will sell $250 million iPhone 5 units, generating $144 billion in revenue, $77 billion in gross profit and $27 billion in net income.

Source: Visual.ly, Protect Your Bubble


75% Of iPhone Users Want To Upgrade To iPhone 5 In Next Year – Infographic

A new study suggests that three in four iPhone owners will likely upgrade their current model to Apple’s next-generation smartphone by the end of 2013.

AYTM Research — which surveyed 3,000 U.S. consumers (22% of which are already iPhone owners) to measure the anticipation of the launch — found that 24% of current iPhone users have their sights set on upgrading to the latest version by the end of this year. Meanwhile, about 25% said they will likely upgrade in the first half of 2013 and 26% anticipate upgrading in the second half. In total, this equates to about 75% of current iPhone owners plan on getting an upgrade in the next year.

According to the study, those who are most likely to upgrade to a new iPhone skew younger in age — consumers ages 18 to 34 are 46% more likely to upgrade by the end of 2012 than those 35 and older.

The stats come one day before Apple’s big press event, where it is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone. Although the tech industry has been impatient for the news to come out of the event, only 58% of respondents said they are aware the company is about to announce a new iPhone.

The study also found that 6% of consumers who previously owned iPhones no longer own them — 81% of this group switched to a non-Apple smartphone. Meanwhile, about 40% of respondents said they live with someone who owns an iPhone.

Sending text messages is the top activity among iPhone users (25.6%), followed by making phone calls (22.3%), surfing the web (20.6%), checking email (19.1%), accessing the app store (6.1%), playing games (3.9%) and using GPS (2.4%).

In addition, consumers rated Apple tops in terms of smartphone quality (48%), followed by Samsung (27%) and HTC (10%).

For a full look at anticipation surrounding the event and the next-generation iPhone, check out the infographic.

Infographic via ATYM.com