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Who Makes What on Facebook’s IPO? – Infographic

There is a lot of hype in the air about Facebook’s IPO. One of the major questions is, who is going to make what and how much on this much anticipated IPO. This Infographic will give some info.

Infographic courtesy of Statista

Top 10 Internet IPO’s of the last 10 Years

Zynga downwards…

Zynga ready for IPO…

$7 Billion for Zynga?

Facebook IPO Valuation at $100Billion?

Considering that Goldman Sachs wants to make a buck on this as well, insanity becomes normal.

Facebook IPO likely in first half of 2012

Facebook IPO likely in first half of 2012: report – MarketWatch.

Finally. That’s going to be exciting.

Goldman Sachs only reports modest numbers and is sleeping at the wheel

Wall Street’s former love-child reported only very modest numbers for Q2. While the company completely lost credibility with America’s Main Street, it seems that this fact now also sneaks into consideration in the corporate world. Bad reputation, earned, and still earning more of it, during the still ongoing financial crisis will fuel lower expectations on the earnings side for quite some time. With that, the stock might further fall Continue reading

LinkedIn IPO on May 19th?

linkedin1 As it looks like the much anticipated LinkedIn IPO seems to happen on Thursday, May 19th. The target price for LinkedIn shares is $32-$35. The company hopes to raise around $274 million and with those targets the value of the company could reach $3billion. Watch the video below for more information. My personal tip: This is a go, from all the “Social Media” sites out there, this appears to be the best business model to me. 

What is your opinion? Do you think the LinkedIn IPO is a good idea? Participate in my poll.

Stock Pick, Demand Media, closing 04/01/2011, $24.23

Please read Disclaimer!

While Demand Media has been around for a while, after the IPO in January the company appeared not only on the radar of investors, but also on the radar of the entire publishing world. Financial analysts opinion is divided at this time and they are unable to give a clear outlook on the company.

Considering the service the company provides, in my opinion, the stock has a potential to reach a price range of $27.00 – $28.00 until the end of 2011. My forecast is not based on commonly used analyst data, but just on the fact that the company has gotten much more exposure since the IPO. There is more consideration for the service and this will increase business volume. On whether this increase will be of substance has to be seen and depends on the company’s ability to sort out qualified content and promote and produce this content.