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Social Media The Biggest Time Waster At Work? Wrong. Check This – Infographic

For the most part, when we think of time waste at work, we think social media. It’s just so easily accessible as well as entertaining (to some extent). But according to a number of recent studies, it isn’t really all that time consuming. Sure, employees are not as productive while browsing social media, but the occurrences are less common than other wasteful workplace practices. Continue reading

How are organizations budgeting for innovation? What’s holding innovation back? What technologies are considered innovative? Who benefits from innovation? And how do you spark innovation? This infographic gives you all the results and provides a roadmap for what you should … Continue reading


Have you ever stopped to think about how the goals for Unified Communications and Social Collaboration are actually quite similar? While it’s true, there are some key differences between the two functions, such as who drives these initiatives within an … Continue reading

The State Of Innovation In The Enterprise – Infographic

CA Technologies commissioned a survey of global business leaders and asked them to rate IT’s ability to drive innovation in their organizations. The results may surprise you! Does your IT organization have what it takes?

Source: Visual.ly


Good And Bad Of Employee Owned Tech Devices, BYOD – Infographic

If your company is considering allowing employees to bring their own devices to work, make sure you have a game plan in place.

BYOD has freed up many enterprises from the responsibility of exclusively purchasing and maintaining computing devices, such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones, but companies still need to have policies set in place to make things work.

BizTech magazine has put together an infographic that highlights six core questions every company should consider before moving forward with BYOD:

Who buys the devices?
What’s the right policy?
What’s the employee’s role?
What’s the impact on IT?
How do we tackle security?
How about apps?

For each of these questions, we’ve outlined a good answer, which we’d advise you to follow; a bad answer, which probably isn’t the best way to handle things; and an ugly answer, which should be avoided at all costs. Hopefully, this will help your company remain on the pleasant side of this growing workplace trend.

Source: BizTechMagazine

Quick Post: Sony hacked again

Sony needs a few new people in IT. Send resume.

Sony suffers fresh security breach