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Press Release: Maxus1.com and Conative Business Inc. partner up. First class marketing and business development for the legal industry.

Maxus1.com and Conative Business Inc. have released  news of a partnership to support marketing and business development in the legal industry. Read more about how Maxus1.com can help the legal industry, its law firms and attorneys to position themselves better in today’s competitive race for new business.

Maxus1.com – Announcing Marketing and Business Development Campaign for the Legal Industry.

Maxus1.com – Announcing Marketing and Business Development Campaign for the Legal Industry.

Maxus1.com is a NYC based operation and supports the business world in New York City and surroundings. Due to different partnerships across industries and services, Maxus1.com is able to support businesses in various efforts, such as Marketing, PR, Business and Partner Development. Read more about Maxus1.com

Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Law Firms and Business Development.

15 Common Questions About Search Engine Optimization , Conabiz blogs.

In today’s business world it is mandatory that you have a functioning web presence. By functioning I mean not only an easy to look at and organized website, but also a site that can live up to the purpose and deliver new business.

In order for your website to create some new business for you, it is mandatory that your potential customers can find you and your services on the internet. Many people approach building their website with a more or less “hopeless” outlook towards the results and therefore neglect their web presence. If you consider yourself one of these people, you are wrong.

One of the best example on industries that neglect their internet presence, and with that potential multi-million $ business opportunities, are law firms. Continue reading