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Selling To Marketers: Tips And Best Practices – Infographic


This infographic shows what works and what not when you approach marketers to sell technology or vendor services.

These best practices are compiled from lead generation campaigns targeting marketers from 2010-2013, including 1.45 million call and email attempts, and more than 20,000 conversations with marketing executives. These calls resulted in more than 830 qualified appointments and $4.8 million in revenue generated. Source: Leadjen

Marketing And Advertising: Dominance Of Social Media – Infographic

American author Erik Qualman surmised the influence of social media on our generation with one, simple sentence: “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how will we do it? ”Americans spend 27% of the time they spend online to use social networking sites, as well as 15% of total mobile internet usage. Continue reading

Pinterest Tips: Create Better Content And Get More Followers – Infographic

Pinterest has turned into an amazing platform to boost leads and sales. Here are some tips on how to make your Pinterest showroom even better. Continue reading

Saving Time On Content Creation

5 Awesome Tips for Saving Time on Content Creation for B2B Lead Gen! – B2C

If you have ventured into the world of content/inbound marketing you will know that it is a time consuming and long term commitment, and even though the investment is well worth it, (precisely a 62% reduction in the cost per lead from inbound vs outbound marketing) there is still the issue of time, and lack thereof!

If you haven’t yet ventured into content marketing, be very ashamed and stop acting like a granny, it’s 2013. Continue reading

Best Practices for Lead Nurturing – Infographic

Marketers, the Internet might not be your friend after all. It’s changed the way that consumers shop for products, which means that when they first convert into leads they’re a lot less sales-ready than they used to be. Continue reading

Why Content Marketing Should Be A Top Priority – Infographic

Content marketing is a top priority to drive awareness, generate leads, and convert sales. Continue reading

Is This The “All-In-One” Marketing Automation Solution? – Act-On Marketing Tools

Is this the solution marketers are waiting for? – Check this corporate video describing the Act-On online marketing automation software. Continue reading


Topics in this Infographic/Article: Search, Organic Search, B2B Marketing, Traffic, Lead, Social Media, Online Marketing We released our 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, and we decided to create an infographic that will highlight some of the more interesting data points … Continue reading


The Inbound Marketing Boom – Infographic

The social web and ever-evolving technology have made inbound marketing one of the most sought-after tactics for business in 2012. Take a look and see how it might help you.

Source: Pamorama, HighTable.com


Sales: Lead Response Management – Infographic

Congratulations! Someone is interested in your product. Maybe they filled out a web form or mentioned your brand in a tweet. Regardless, if you’re in sales, it’s time to pounce.

But how quickly? What days and times are best to follow up on leads? How persistent should you be before it’s no longer worth your time?

James Oldroyd, PhD of Ohio State University, and David Elkington, CEO of InsideSales.com, conducted research on three years of data from companies that deal with web-generated leads. They found that timing is key. The likelihood of making a sale drops off dramatically more than five minutes after initial contact.

See their other insights in the graphic.

Source: Mashable.com, inside sales