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Soccer is big today: Liverpool – Manchester City and El Clasico, Barca – Real Madrid

Today is soccer day: 2:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel, Liverpool – Manchester City, 2nd leg, Carling Cup

4:00pm, GolTV, El Clasico, Barca – Real Madrid, one of the biggest soccer matches, the world is watching.

Forever Liverpool – Stephen Gerrard


Roberto Mancini hoping for points…

Chelsea and a New Start

According to AVB, Chelsea is now out for the title race in the Barclay’s English Premier League. One could now be a smart a.. and ask “what took you so long”? Well, he is right, there is no reason for Chelsea to discuss anything about the top two spots in the league. It is much more appropriate to take a look at third place and think of the opportunities in that matter. Continue reading

Wrong direction for Andy Carroll…


Luis Suarez out for one…

Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel in the Champions League?

Barclay’s English Premier League – City on top

That will be a good experience…

Barton: Newcastle, Liverpool make statements on sad BPL weekend – Premier League News

Barton: Newcastle, Liverpool make statements on sad BPL weekend – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.


Johnson earns Liverpool late victory – Chelsea empty handed, again



Liverpool's Kenny Dalglish defends Andy Carroll, Santos' Neymar confesses admiration for Barcelona and Lionel Messi: Morning's Top Stories — The Beautiful Game (@iWorldCup) November 20, 2011

Barclay’s English Premier League – Everything stays as it was

Mario Balotelli helped Manchester City to defend a 5 point advantage in the Barclay’s English Premier League. Newcastle wasn’t the opponent it takes to scare City. While Newcastle had opportunities to score and give the game some fire, at the end City was a number to big for United.

Mario Balotelli, Micah Richards and Sergio Aguero were the scorers today. Both, Balotelli and Aguero scored from the spot.

In the early game Arsenal had to travel to Norwich. The gunners were the dominant team but managed to put pressure on themselves as they left multiple scoring opportunities on the table. At the end the gunners won the game 2-1 with two van Persie goals. Robin van Persie has an incredible run these days and makes sure Arsenal’s climb up the table continues.

What Robin van Persie is for Arsenal, is Javier Hernandez for Manchester United. The Mexican was the man and secured United’s win with a goal in the 11th minute. United had to sweat for the win, but at the end they had three points. In three weeks nobody wants to know how the game was won.

The battle between the Manchester teams for the championship in the Premier League goes on. At this point there is no other contender in sight. All the London clubs and Liverpool have other things on their plate, besides the Premier League all day business. In the Sunday game, Chelsea and Liverpool face off and the winner will increase the chance for 3rd place behind the Manchester teams.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool — Fragile egos crossing

Chelsea vs. Liverpool — Fragile egos crossing — David Hirshey – ESPN.

Chelsea and Liverpool fighting for survival in the top group of the Barclay’s English Premier League. Loss on Sinday means losing touch with the Championship possibilities for the near future.