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The new way to do steel-capped shoes, courtesy of @louisvuitton #pfw pic.twitter.com/pLQsDtiC2v — British GQ (@BritishGQ) June 28, 2013

Check How Luxury Brands Create Assetts On Social Media – Infographic

Let fans post on your page. No, don’t—or rather, let them post but don’t answer. So goes some of the approaches luxury brands take as they experiment with social media, according to Unmetric’s Luxury Fashion Report.

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The 8 Most Valuable Luxury Brands In The World – Business Insider

The 8 Most Valuable Luxury Brands In The World – Business Insider.

Louis Vuitton is by far the most valuable luxury brand in the world, worth $23.577 billiona 2 percent increase from last year’s valueaccording to a new survey from brand consulting firm Interbrand.

It was a good year for the luxury conglomerate. The company improved its digital experience and launched several apps, entered the fragrance market for the first time, and remained a blockbuster brand in China.

It even got Michael Phelps to star in a steamy ad campaign.

In addition to Louis Vuitton, seven other luxury brands made it onto Interbrand’s annual list of the world’s most valuable brands. Most experienced major growth, and there were two newcomers to the list.

Interbrand takes into account brands’ financial performance, role in influencing customer choice, and ability to command premium prices.


BRAND 2012 RANK 2011 RANK 2012 BRAND VALUE ($millions) % CHANGE
Louis Vuitton 17 18 $23,577 2%
Gucci 38 39 $9,446 8%
Hermès 63 66 $6,182 15%
Cartier 68 70 $5,495 15%
Tiffany & Co. 70 73 $5,159 15%
Burberry 82 95 $4,342 16%
Prada 84 N/A $4,271 NEW
Ralph Lauren 91 N/A $4,038 NEW

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