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Occupy Wall Street and Wall Street’s actions – Just wondering

While reading the news this morning and going over a few message boards, I was wondering about all the commentary. Some more or less reputable Wall Street writers had their say about “Occupy Wall Street”. Comments such as “Occupy Wall Street is 99% dead”, “Get real, or go home” and some other page fillers by the experts I had to read. Continue reading

A Wall Street Analyst

“An economist/analyst is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today”.
Laurence J. Peter

Apple’s financial reporting for the 3rd quarter once again displayed how far off Wall Street Analyst’s are with their predictions. The common problem is that an analyst is digging in the past, but has no view and sense for the day after end of quarter. Major events, in the past and much more future events are not considered in an analyst’s work. 

One has a hard time to believe that all these analysts in the last six weeks bought the old iPhone, even though their predictions would indicate so. Continue reading

Goldman Sachs only reports modest numbers and is sleeping at the wheel

Wall Street’s former love-child reported only very modest numbers for Q2. While the company completely lost credibility with America’s Main Street, it seems that this fact now also sneaks into consideration in the corporate world. Bad reputation, earned, and still earning more of it, during the still ongoing financial crisis will fuel lower expectations on the earnings side for quite some time. With that, the stock might further fall Continue reading