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Manuel Neuer transfer circus, presented by Schalke 04

Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich currently negotiate the conditions for Manuel Neuer’s transfer from Schalke to Munich. What comes to the surface is a ridiculous circus created by the “want-to-be-someone” officials from Schalke. The facts are on hand, Neuer has one more year contract with Schalke and with that this year is the last chance to cash in some major money. Bayern Munich offered $25 million and Schalke declined. Bayern Munich, in a second offer, expressed willingness to pay $29 million plus another $5.5 million should they win a title with Neuer. Schalke’s comment: “Now we have a normal conversation”.

Bayern has in the meantime extended the contract of Hans-Joerg Butt, Bayern’s current number one. In other words, while they would like to have Neuer, and Neuer would love to transfer to Munich, Bayern would not really need him. In theory, Bayern and Neuer could wait it out for a year. Neuer stays in Schalke, and they (Schalke) “look into the blue moon” comes next year when the contract is up.

For Schalke to say “now we have a conversation” is quite ridiculous, they can’t afford it, not on the money side and not with other credit, especially not with the escapades to their name. Bayern has already announced that they are not willing to pay a “moon price” and negotiations could end any time. In that case, Schalke would continue with Neuer, try to get a result in the next season, and then wrap Neuer up and send him to Munich as a gift. Almost $35 million would flow down the river. Schalke, while making some good money in the Champions League, is broke and in need of every single penny they can get. Major other income sources are not in sight and some adjustments to the roster are necessary in order to play for a Champions League seat in the 2012/13 season.

Schalke’s attitude might be considered as clever negotiations by some, however, the truth is this is a circus they can’t afford. Besides that, having to sell a player like Manuel Neuer is a homerun that can be accomplished by a first grader. There is no need to display “big gun power” when there is nothing than wet powder. This deal is not to demonstrate negotiation abilities, it is a deal to earn a lot of credit in business and soccer, not necessarily with an immediate dollar sign, but with lots of potential down the road.

Bayern Munich is a club with an outstanding record, not only in soccer and in the business world, but also on the human side, if that is still of any value for the business minded. Bayern wants Neuer and will pay what is necessary, and is somehow justifiable, not because Schalke is saying so, but because they will not leave Neuer hanging. Those that remember the van Bommel deal from last January, will understand what I mean. One of the things they have to learn in Schalke, and in other clubs, sometime you leave a few bucks on the table as an investment in other deals that will come up down the road. It is one of the reasons why Bayern is Bayern, or “Mia san mia” (we are who we are) as they say.

Quick Tip – Attention Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barca and the Milan clubs – This video is a must see.

For the clubs above, you all need a new or better goalie in the next season. Watch the video, Manuel Neuer is available

UEFA Champions League – Draw creates excitement for supporters!

The draw of the champions league quarterfinal created some excitement for soccer fans around the world. The premier league clubs Chelsea and Manchester United face off for a battle of England. Alone this set-up is promising soccer at its finest. No less excitement for the third English club in the competition: Spurs are facing Real Madrid! And, they were lucky, the first game is in Madrid. Spurs have a great chance to advance into the semis. While Real is a great team and getting better every month, they are still everything else than solid in defense. Of all the attractive opponents, this is the best Spurs could get. A great name and no further motivation needed and a chance to win. Paradise for every coach and player. Good luck, Spurs!

Barca drew the, on paper, least attractive opponent for the quarter-final. Donetsk is not necessarily a cracker in European soccer. However, they are dangerous and can give Barca lots of trouble. The outcome of this duel is not as clear as it looks like. The first game is played in Barcelona and that is an advantage for the Russians. Barca needs to be ready for a “hot dance”.

While Bayern Munich is probably in tears at this moment, Inter Milan is smiling all over their face. They clearly, if that can be said of a quarter-final, drew the easiest team in the pott. Schalke at this stage, is not a team that can create fear. With all the troubles from the past week and the way things in Schalke go after such events, they will still be trying to force themselves out of the “chicken stable” they put themselves in to. There chance is the goalie Neuer and a goal from Raul. Without those two doing magic, they have no chance.

Inter Milan will make the semi-final and most likely Barca. The two other games are completely open. Awesome!

Manchester United and Bayern Munich looking for a new Goalkeeper!

>Two of the top European clubs are looking for a new goalkeeper. Manchester United’s Edwin van der Sar is ending his great career at the end of this season. It seems there is no chance to convince the keeper to add another year. Bayern Munich is looking for a goalie that fits the style of play. Hans-Joerg Butt is too old, in coach van Gaal’s book. They also have the young Thomas Kraft. After the winter break Kraft became number one at the German top club. He is eager to stay number 1 at Bayern, however, the club is looking at Manuel Neuer from Schalke 04.

Neuer, since the World Cup 2010, the new number one in Germany is certainly a complete and perfect match for both, Bayern, as well as Manchester United. While he is not only a good shot stopper, he is probably the best “goalkeeper-field player combination” within the group of top class teams and goalkeepers in the World. While that sounds not so important for the most, Bayern Munich and Manchester United rely on the participation of their goalkeepers. Edwin van der Sar and Hans-Joerg Butt at Bayern Munich have given their teams the opportunity to use the entire field to keep possession and end opponents possession with a pass back to the goalie, even in situations the most wouldn’t pass the ball back.

While Bayern Munich, as usual, doesn’t keep a secret about their shopping list for the summer, Manchester United and Sir Alex keep their thoughts more closed up to avoid speculations. Neuer would be a rather expensive buy for a goalkeeper, but money is not the issue for both of the clubs. Besides that, considering what’s at stake every year and just looking at the last few games in England and Germany, a World Class Goalkeeper can get you the points you might need at the end. Schalke 04, Neuer’s club in Germany would certainly not be sad to cash in, even though they have their own ambitions and Neuer being a “Schalke -Kid”.

From Neuer’s view, he wants to play Champions League. While Bayern is struggling in the Bundesliga and qualification is by far not guaranteed, Manchester United would be a great platform to display his abilities. However, Bayern has the advantage that Neuer could stay in the league and country, therefore will allow a more comfortable personal life.

From a neutral observer’s view, Neuer must consider Manchester United, should the English Top Club show further interest. In United’s interest, look at this guy. He is the only solution to the problem at hand. Anything else will cause a loss in quality of the team.

The importance of having a World Class Goalkeeper!

>It is still normal in soccer reporting that the scorer gets the headlines. However, this weekend we saw how important it is to have a World Class Goalkeeper. Look at Arsenal, lost the Carling Cup final against Birmingham City because of a mistake of their “still green behind the ears” keeper Szczesny. Admitted, his defender had his share in that, however, Peter Cech or Iker Casillas would have shown more determination in securing the ball.

In contrast, on Saturday, Manchester United’s Edwin van der Sar kept them in the game, while they sorted out the game against Wigan.

For Arsenal it is important to solve that problem that goes on for almost decades. Wenger loves to put a team on the pitch that plays their opponents into the ground, the goalkeeper position has been neglected for years. Compared to the rest of the squad, the goalie is limping. Soon they face Barca in Barcelona for the second leg in the Champions League, that will not be a game in which the gunners will play out the competition. It will be a game in which a strong presence between the sticks will make the difference. The Gunners don’t have that! After the Carling Cup final, it would be no surprise, if the Gunners end up with nothing again.