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Selling To Marketers: Tips And Best Practices – Infographic


This infographic shows what works and what not when you approach marketers to sell technology or vendor services.

These best practices are compiled from lead generation campaigns targeting marketers from 2010-2013, including 1.45 million call and email attempts, and more than 20,000 conversations with marketing executives. These calls resulted in more than 830 qualified appointments and $4.8 million in revenue generated. Source: Leadjen

Twitter As A Marketing Tool: Where Are The Experts And Who Are They – Infographic


Twitter has become a key element of any businesses online marketing strategy, but how to the marketing experts themselves use Twitter?

This infographic shows where the experts in Twitter marketing are sitting, how they use it and, interestingly enough, the age group of these experts in using Twitter for marketing. Watch out corporate social media staffers, you might be fishing in the wrong pond.

Source: BlurGroup

Marketing Tool Facebook Hashtags: How They Work – Infographic

the-facebook-hashtag--how-it-works-infogrpahic_523756af02734Despite its more than 1 billion active users, Facebook hasn’t offered an easy way for marketers to track trending conversations – until now. In June, Facebook started rolling out the first several features that will improve trend-tracking: Facebook hashtags. How do Facebook hashtag work? Click on a hashtag, and you’ll see: » A feed displaying other people’s hashtagged posts » Related posts on Pages You can also: » Search for hashtags » View hashtags that originated on other sites How marketers can use Facebook hashtags: » Track your “campaign” conversions – Allows you to identify customers who are actively interested in your brand. » Track mobile conversions – Hashtag support for Facebook’s mobile site is now available » Open your Twitter chats to a broader audience – Facebook offers a larger community with which to interact – if posts are public » Seek out related hashtags – Similar hashtags will also appear in search results Tip: Make sure to encourage public postings in hashtag conversions, since only 29% of all Facebook users make their posts public. Are you using Facebook hashtags in your marketing efforts?

Source: PrestigeMarketing

Facts And Numbers Of LinkedIn – Infographic

For B2B marketers and salespeople, Linkedin is a gold mine. People are stalked by more than a few vendors on a regular basis with InMail and “Let’s Connect” requests. Continue reading

What Social Media Can Mean For Your Business – Infographic

Check out our cool, new Social Media Infographic.  Sometimes it can be hard to wrap your head around social media and all of it’s forms so we have created this helpful infographic where all of that information can be seen, processed and understood in one place that’s visually pleasing and simplified. Continue reading

Personalities Of Brand Advocates (Some…) – Infographic

To celebrate the launch of social Brand Advocates, AddThis has posted a new infographic that highlight how brand advocates for certain verticals behave online. Continue reading

Is Facebook A Waste Of Time For Marketers?

Some say Facebook is a waste of time for marketers. In my opinion, for many it is, but that’s not alone Facebook’s fault. What do you think?

Data-Rich and Insight-Poor Marketers: Seems Change Is Not On The Horizon – Infographic

How do marketers plan on using customer data to make informed marketing decisions this year? That’s what we were wondering. So, we recently partnered with Infogroup Targeting Solutions to survey more than 700 marketers at Forrester Research’s eBusiness Forum and the DMA2012 Annual Conference.  Continue reading

Best Practices for Lead Nurturing – Infographic

Marketers, the Internet might not be your friend after all. It’s changed the way that consumers shop for products, which means that when they first convert into leads they’re a lot less sales-ready than they used to be. Continue reading

Marketers Are Dipping Their Toes In The Mobile Waters – Infographic

2013 has been dubbed the “year of mobile,” given the near ubiquity of mobile device access. But how are companies really doing at incorporating mobile tactics into their marketing mix? The Growth Team Membership™ (GTM) surveyed nearly 500 marketing executives. Based on that data, this infographic examines how companies in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe are using mobile technologies, the obstacles they are facing, and their future plans. Continue reading

Marketing: Can You Rock Social Media In 30 Minutes A Day? – Infographic

What do you think? Do you believe you can rock social media in only 30 minutes a day? Check the infographic and let us know in the comments.

It’s no surprise that social media takes up a larger part of a marketer’s day than it did even a year ago. The addition of social networks your company needs to have a presence on and keep updated is growing out of control, leaving many marketers drowning in the increased time and investment required. Continue reading

The Marketing Agency Of The Future – Infographic

The digital revolution has transformed marketing. With the changing buyer, budget pressures, new social channels, and content, marketers have to do more with less. And marketing automation has become the new must-have technology to help marketers increase their reach. Now marketers can nurture leads until they are ready to buy, send only the hottest leads to sales, and deliver results to the executive team. Continue reading

The Social Marketer’s Urban Twictionary – Infographic

Ever wonder how a word gets into the Merriam-Webster dictionary? It’s one of the most popular questions facing their editors on a daily basis. The answer is quite simple actually: usage. Each day these editors devote several hours to scouring published text in search of new words to mark and record new words along with the appropriate context and insight into use and form. Continue reading

Biggest Moments In Social Media Marketing – Infographic

As social media marketers make their plans for 2013, understanding what worked well – and not so well – in 2012 can go a long way at making a savvy marketing strategy come into focus. Continue reading


Content Marketing has seen a tremendous surge in popularity over the past two years. It has gone from industry buzzword to an indispensable part of marketing strategies, big and small. But how are marketers approaching and measuring their strategies? The … Continue reading