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How Would U.S. Government Shutdown Impact Tech?

Megan Hughes updates the latest news on the Senate vote fund the government. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Online Retail: Global Market Opportunities – Infographic



The infographic identifies key statistics for those looking to expand their business into a foreign market.

Overseas markets offer growth opportunities for online retailers and with the rise in ecommerce wealth of some of the nation’s we have highlighted, it’s no surprise to see brands searching for profits in these markets and doing it successfully.

Source: Search Laboratory

Jobs In Social Media: Title, Pay And Markets – Infographic

Professional social media has turned into a rapidly increasing industry and it looks like there is no stop to it, for now. This infographic takes a look at jobs in social media such as title, pay and markets. Continue reading

China To Become The Largest Smartphone Market In 2012 – Infographic

China to Become the Largest Smartphone Market in 2012
This chart shows the five largest smartphone markets, based on their share of global smartphone shipments.

Source: Statista

Major And Emerging Global Markets For Smart Devices, U.S. Still 1 (For Now) – Infographic

This chart shows the largest markets for smart devices, based on the number of active iOS and Android devices in July 2012.

Source: Statista

This chart shows the year-over-year change of active smart devices in the fastest-growing markets.

Source: Statista