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2012 Small Business Influencer Awards – Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier

Nominated for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards in: Experts

She is considered one of the foremost eBay experts and educators in the world and the top-selling author. In 1999 Marsha created the first edition of eBay For Dummies, the bestselling book for eBay beginners. She followed up the success of the first book with Starting an eBay Business For Dummies, a book targeting individuals interested in making e-commerce their full-time profession. That book became an instant nationwide hit, making several notable best-seller lists. These books are updated regularly to keep up with site and market changes.

Marsha’s books have sold over 1,000,000 copies (including the special editions in foreign countries: two in Australia, two in Canada, and two in the United Kingdom, as well as translations in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and German). Due to Marsha’s background in ecommerce, she branched out and has made her mark on the Social Media scene, named one of the 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter. Social media blended so well with online selling that she authored The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with Your Customers to Sell More for John Wiley in 2011…See More AND Vote For Marsha