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About and what we do.

Publishing news about marketing, social media, technology, politics, entertainment, soccer and life. We pull information from websites such Mashable, The Next Web, Bloomberg, WordPress and many others to add to our own publications. We are not publishing others articles in our name, we link to them and use the technology made available by those publishers. For more information please read our disclaimer. Read More

Maxus1.com is the smallest and hardest punching international marketing firm in New York City. We appreciate the marketing hand book, but have chosen to apply individual solutions for our clients. We provide services to many organizations and individuals in different industries. Read More

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Soccer is also the fastest growing sport in the United States. With the sport becoming more popular, growing and offering a global reach, big corporations have slowly started to adjust their marketing means in favor of soccer. Some metropolitan areas already have a bigger soccer follower ship than any other sport in the United States. Big cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and many others are top markets for soccer and marketing including soccer. This trend will continue and will transform soccer into the biggest marketing tool of all sports in the United States. Read More

Wall Street Chinese – Presented by Maxus1.com

Wall Street Chinese (WSC) is a boutique Chinese business training & consulting company. It was founded in January 2009 in New York City. WSC provides Mandarin Chinese language and Business Chinese Communication training, Chinese art & cultural training as well as Chinese business consulting services to enhance the efficiency of communication, business transactions and relationships between the East and the West. Continue reading

Small Business Marketing by Maxus1.com

Small Businesses are the driver of the economy. Millions of small businesses in the United States are looking for work and progress. Due to the situation in the job market, many new businesses are founded every day and there is no end in sight. Marketing and business development become mandatory tasks for every business owner and are not getting any easier. Continue reading

Legal Industry Marketing by Maxus1.com

Much like the banking industry, the legal industry is not known for sophisticated marketing and business development campaigns. Developments in the diverse markets and technology changes over the past years have forced law firms to increase and change their efforts for marketing and new business development.

Certain markets, such as New York City, have an incredible amount of attorneys that are in a fierce fight for new business. In increasing numbers, new cases are distributed in a different way than ten years ago. Continue reading

E-Commerce Marketing by Maxus1.com

Your business is selling products on the internet? Your business success depends very strongly on the right tools and your marketing. The more people you can drive into your virtual store, the more business you will have. You need to let people know that your store is there and open for business. You also need to make sure that, just like in a real world store, that your store is in order and people can find your products. If you can add an appearance advantage to it, much better for you. Continue reading

CPA and Accounting Industry Marketing by Maxus1.com

Every business these days needs proper accounting. Also every day, thousands of new businesses are founded and are looking for advice in accounting. While referrals are common, many businesses are looking for a CPA in different places.

Businesses today have more opportunity to find a fitting accounting firm Continue reading

Community Marketing by Maxus1.com

Maxus1.com‘s Community Marketing is for organizations and individuals of public interest. Everyone that has a huge fanbase and has the desire to help the fan base and in the same way monetize on this fan base. It is perfect for a museum, non-profit, sports organization, networking groups, business organizations local communities and many others including celebrities and other persons of public interest. Continue reading

Brand Marketing by Maxus1.com

Wouldn’t you like to have brand recognition like Apple, Google and a few other popular companies out there? Would you be happy to have brand recognition like a bank? Probably not. Continue reading

Bank Marketing by Maxus1.com

Bank Marketing these days is as interesting as it always was. Offerings such as “Free Checking, Free Business Checking, Special Customer Service and other promises are the usual advertisements banks display for years and decades. If you walk down the street where the banks are usually located, you will see the same approach at every bank. Taking the logo off the store front, one could think it is all the same bank. Continue reading

Daily Soccer News

Press Release: Maxus1.com and Conative Business Inc. partner up. First class marketing and business development for the legal industry.

Maxus1.com and Conative Business Inc. have released  news of a partnership to support marketing and business development in the legal industry. Read more about how Maxus1.com can help the legal industry, its law firms and attorneys to position themselves better in today’s competitive race for new business.

Maxus1.com – Announcing Marketing and Business Development Campaign for the Legal Industry.

Maxus1.com – Announcing Marketing and Business Development Campaign for the Legal Industry.

Maxus1.com is a NYC based operation and supports the business world in New York City and surroundings. Due to different partnerships across industries and services, Maxus1.com is able to support businesses in various efforts, such as Marketing, PR, Business and Partner Development. Read more about Maxus1.com

Remember the Cosmos. The New Cosmos Country Newsletter, New York Cosmos open Online Store

Introducing the new Cosmos Country Newsletter and the New York Cosmos Online Store.

8/19/2011 – The New York Cosmos today introduced their new Cosmos Country Newsletter. The newsletter is stuffed with the latest news about the Cosmos and the newest developments around the club and Cosmos Country.

 The Cosmos also celebrated the opening of their Online Store. As a celebration gift buyers can take advantage of a 10% rebate with the use of shopping code “CosmosCountry10” at the check out.

Remember the Cosmos is a campaign of Maxus1.com in support of the New York Cosmos come back. Maxus1.com has discovered world wide interest in the soccer giant’s awakening. Read more about the campaign under http://rememberthecosmos.maxus1.om

Maxus1.com is a NYC PR, marketing, business & partnership development entity and is part of The Main Street Analyst.