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How Young Teens Move In The Digital World – Infographic

Young Teens and the Digital World

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Young millenials, their attitudes, and behaviors surrounding information and communication technology (ICT).

Source: Visual.ly, Everfi.com


Millenials And the Elections – Infographic

Why do Millennials vote? What do they care about? Where do the get their news? And most importantly, who would they rather be stranded on a deserted island with? We posed these questions, and more, to Millennials in our 8095 PluggedIN community.

Source: Visual.ly, Edelman Berland


Maximizing Millennials – How To Manage Gen Y? – Infographic

In just eight short years, 46% of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of millennials. Whether you’re frightened or excited by the prospect, the fact remains that young adults born between 1976 and 2001 will be running this country.

UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and the YEC have teamed up to compile research and create this infographic, which details the who, how and why of managing millennials.

Aside from their preference for engaging work environments, millennials value jobs that encourage social media activity. One-in-three indicated he would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over salary when considering a job offer.

After all, millennials switch between devices and forms of media (i.e., laptops, smartphones, tablets and TV) an average of 27 times per hour. Today’s companies would do well to harness that hyper-connected, multi-tasking energy.

If you’re a millennial in today’s workplace, what are your priorities? Do you value a dynamic office environment or would you prefer to forge your own entrepreneurial path?

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, aldomurillo, UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and the YEC