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Why Nike’s CEO Is Being Compared To Steve Jobs



Nike’s Fuel Band May Soon Get New Apps

Matt Powell, analyst at Sportsource, talks with Sara Eisen about Nike’s technology offerings and the company’s increased spending on research and development. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Tiger Woods Nears New Nike Endorsement Deal

Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen reports that Tiger Woods is close to signing a new long-term endorsement agreement with Nike Inc. that could keep him linked with the company for the rest of his career. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

A Peek Into Nike’s $100 Million Plan for 2016

Logo TheMainStreetAnalyst 8713679455_e0394e3f7e_zLorenzo Bustani, a young Brazilian marketing executive, explains how he’s advising Nike and other giant American brands that want a foothold in Brazil ahead of the Olympics. The bottom line? They need to make an impact on the community before they can make an impact on the consumer. As part of “The Real Brazil” special series, he gives Bloomberg’s Trish Regan a tour of a Rio skatepark built by Nike – but with no trace of the company’s logo.

Nike vs. Apple vs. Samsung In A Race For The Wrist

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Sam Grobart considers the recent buzz surrounding smart devices worn around the wrist, a space once dominated by the fitness set is now fair game for mobile device giants like Samsung and Apple.

Nike vs. Adidas vs. Puma: By the Numbers

Bloomberg News reports on athletic apparel. What’s “In” in Football, Soccer and Sports apparal in general?(Source: Bloomberg)

Shipping smarter by the Big Guns…