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Simplest Brands of 2012: Google, Apple, Nokia, Yahoo

Simplest Brands of 2012: Google, Apple, Nokia, Yahoo.

Siegel+Gale has released its third annual Global Brand Simplicity Index (PDF) and the results are as interesting as ever. The firm surveyed more than 6,000 people in seven countries across three continents and found the following results:

simple brands 2012 The simplest brands of 2012: Google, Apple, Nokia, and even Yahoo make the top 10

Google took first place on the Simplicity Index because it has “become a term synonymous with finding information online” via “its iconic homepage and simple user interface.” Speed and effectiveness of search results are more important than protests around Google’s privacy policies and use of consumer data.

Despite being crowned the simplest brand, Google had two others make the list: YouTube at number 26 (up from 29th) and Google+ at number 87 (down from 59th). YouTube rising makes sense, as it doesn’t exactly have a competitor, but Google+ falling shows that the new social network is struggling to counter the likes of Twitter at number 70 (down from 66th), Facebook at number 72 (down from 43rd), and LinkedIn at number 78 (up from 84th).

Apple took fifth because it offers products that “strive for design perfection” and create “intuitively simple user experiences.” Apple’s marketing strategies have “created a passionate and loyal customerbase that often takes it upon themselves to make their brand allegiance known.” Nevertheless, iTunes is at number 64 (down from 28th).

It’s difficult to talk about Google and Apple without mentioning Microsoft. While the software giant was at number 61 (down from 45th), its other brands did relatively well: Skype is at number 30, MSN is at number 34 (up from 52nd), and Bing is at number 68 (up from 74th).

Coming back to the headline, Nokia and Yahoo made it into the top 10 thanks to India. The former is ranked first there while the latter finished second in the country.

Other notable technology mentions include: Amazon at number 12 (down from 2nd place last year), HTC at number 15, LG at 18 (down from 9th place), Sony at number 21 (down from 13th place), Philips at number 25 (up from 35th), HP at number 32 (down from 38th), eBay at number 37 (up from 41st), Dell at number 41 (down from 20th), Canon at number 42 (down from 30th), BlackBerry at number 43 (up from 46th), Panasonic at number 49 (up from 70th), Motorola at number 56 (down from 17th), and Groupon at number 86 (down from 96th).

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Source: The Next Web


Nokia And Apple’s Map Flop – Infographic

Nokia took advantage of the torrent of negative feedback over Apple‘s new Maps app, plugging its own mobile-mapping software in its Lumia phones.

In a blog post, Nokia talks about the challenge of creating a full-featured mapping and navigation application for mobile devices. One passage in particular seems aimed at Apple Maps, which have been praised for its beautiful 3D renderings but assailed for its inaccuracy and lack of features:

“…we also understand that ‘pretty’ isn’t enough. You expect excellence in your smartphone mapping experience.”

Citing its many years building and enhancing Nokia Maps (formerly Ovi Maps), Nokia claims its maps experience on mobile is superior due to its approach of owning, building and distributing the content and apps. Ironically, that sort of end-to-end approach is often what Apple holds over other companies, but in this case it’s Apple who acquired its technology (from acquired companies C3, Poly9 and Placebase) and data (from OpenStreetMap and others) for the Maps app in iOS 6.

With Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps will be the default maps app for Microsoft’s mobile platform. The upcoming Lumia 920 will add augmented-reality functionality into the app, called City Lens, showing users data about businesses in view of the phone’s camera when you hold up the phone.

Apple, however, has defended its new Maps app as a work in progress. And despite its flaws, the app does include turn-by-turn navigation — something that hasn’t existed (at least not for free) on the iPhone until now. Users are also praising the app’s gorgeous 3D renderings, which Apple calls Flyover, though those are only available in some cities for now.

Nonetheless, Nokia’s point that the only comparison that matters is what “you can actually do with your smartphone” resonates. Comparing its maps with those of Apple and Google, it cites public-transit data, the ability to use maps offline (also part of its upcoming package with Windows Phone 8), and availability of turn-by-turn navigation in more countries as its main advantages over the other two platforms.

What do you think of Nokia’s criticism of Apple Maps?

Source: Mashable.com, Nokia

Nokia Launches New Flagship Lumia 920 Phone With Windows 8

Nokia Launches New Flagship Lumia 920 Phone With Windows 8.

Nokia unveiled on Wednesday in New York City the Lumia 920 phone, which will introduce the next phase of Windows Phone to run on Windows 8.

The news comes just one day after Apple announced its next-generation iPhone event on Sept. 12, heightening the need for rivals to come out with truly competitive devices…Read More


NOKIA Evolution Or Comeback? The New Lumia Windows 8 Phone – Infographic

Nokia is set to announce the next-generation of its Lumia line of smartphones a press event Wednesday morning in New York.

The announcement is likely to center around the company’s first Windows Phone 8 handset(s). More than just a simple software update, Windows Phone 8 supports a number of hardware enhancements from current Windows Phone devices, including support for higher–resolution screens, microSD expansion slots and near-field communication (NFC), which can be used for mobile payments.

Nokia launched its first mobile phone — the Mobira Talkman –- in 1984. Weighing just over 11 pounds, the phone was revolutionary for its time. A little over 20 years later, in 2005, the company introduced its first multimedia smartphones, and in 2011 it introduced the Lumia line, the first Windows Phone handsets.

Check out the infographic below for a look back at Nokia from 1984 to today.

Source: Mashable.com, Nokia

BlackBerry hits Finland…

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