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New York City Impressions – NYC Skyline From Squibb Park Brooklyn Heights

Skylinne Brooklyn Heights 1001610_572967402726066_1135358489_nNew York City Impressions | NYC Skyline From Squibb Park Brooklyn Heights

Picture taken with an iPhone 4S and edited with several filters. To see more pictures please visit Instagram.


New York City Impressions – Downtown NYC | Art Photo

Colors 94666720e18011e2a39822000a9e0344_7New York City Impressions | Downtown NYC – Art Photo |

The original photo was taken with an iPhone 4S and edited with different filters. To see more photos please visit Instagram.

Do You Like Seafood? You Might Want To Check This – Infographic

Seafood was sampled from 81 retail outlets in NYC, the DNA of seafood was tested, where at least one mislabeled item was found 39% of the time. Surprisingly (not), it doesn’t look much better in other locations.

Source: Visual.ly


Visit New York City – Infographic

So you are planning a trip to Manhattan? You may have some preconceived notions about what New York City is all about, so we’ve put together a fun infographic to help you learn a little bit more about The Big Apple. And when you’re ready to visit, book your stay with The Beekman Tower Hotel!

Source: The Beekman Tower Hotel



New York City Impressions – Brooklyn, Dumbo

Brooklyn Dumbo, Manhattan Bridge downloadBrooklyn Dumbo 1 download

Brooklyn Dumbo d956eac0491511e2ad6922000a1fa410_7Brooklyn Dumbo 2 download


GPS Navigation For Retail Stores!

Macy’s Flagship New York Store Gets Indoor GPS Navigation.

It’s about to get a lot easier to find your way around the largest department store in the country — if you have an iPhone.

Macy’s has added a new feature to its iPhone app that provides indoor turn-by-turn directions for its massive flagship location in New York City’s Herald Square, courtesy of Meridian, the software startup behind an indoor GPS platform.

Meridian announced Thursday that it is making two of its indoor positioning software development kits available to third-party developers, who can use it to build an indoor GPS experience into new or existing apps. Macy’s was one of three businesses to be part of Meridian’s beta test for this effort and the department store chain is the first major retailer to roll out the indoor GPS feature.

“Macy’s is kind of the leader right now in a lot of digital initiatives. They’ve been trying out lots of digital initiatives to engage with shoppers in their homes and in stores,” said Jeff Hardison, VP of Marketing and Business for Meridian, explaining why the startup chose to partner with Macy’s. The goal, he says, is that Macy’s will gradually expand the mapping feature to all or most of its other retail locations in the future.

Since launching last year, Meridian has worked with a handful of prominent institutions to build indoor mapping systems from the ground up, including the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The service uses a unique combination of GPS and WiFi data to pinpoint the precise location of the smartphone user indoors. By opening up its SDK to developers, Meridian should see plenty more locations incorporate this technology.

Both Google and Bing offer indoor maps for airports, malls and other locations, but neither provide turn-by-turn directions or let users locate themselves on the map (aka the glowing blue dot) as one can outdoors with tools like Google Maps. Meridian also goes one step further and can advertise and direct users to specific items at a given location — a potentially powerful tool for retailers like Macy’s.

“Not only will we be able to give shoppers a utility to get around stores and find products, but now we will be able to ask if they want to receive offers based on where they are standing,” Hardison told Mashable. “You can imagine how big that is [for retailers].”

Retail is one of three big sectors that Meridian hopes to grow its technology in going forward. The other two are health care and hospitality, which is why in addition to Macy’s, Meridian’s beta test also included the Miami Children’s Hospital and the Sydney Airport.

Image courtesy of Meridian; thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, Joe Shlabotnik.

Source: Mashable.com

New York City Impressions By Kat

New York City impressions by Kat_in_nyc – Click to see many more

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Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

Source: statigr.am via Vitus on Pinterest

If Your Wifi Is Unprotected, This Man Can Expose It – Video

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) — Sophos Director of Technology Strategy James Lyne discusses security issue with Wi-Fi hotspots. He speaks with Cristina Alesci on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Rewind.” (Source: Bloomberg)

New York City is Pushing for Tech…

Get Mased – Marla Mase – NYC Performer, Writer, Singer

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NYC Taxi’s getting iPad?

Get Mased at MarlaMase.com – NYC Performer, Singer, Writer

Marla Mase is a writer/performer/producer/singer/songwriter from New York City. She writes songs, plays, monologues, short stories, erotica, blogs, and poems. She is known for her gutsy, sexy, raw performance style and her intelligent lyrics. Get Mased – MarlaMase.com

NYC Police Arrest 141 Over IPhone Thefts

NYC Police Arrest 141 Over IPhone Thefts – Bloomberg.

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